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Welcome to Evolving~Soul

Intuitive Messenger, Spiritual Guide, Healer and Teacher

Marie A. Georgopulos

Do you feel disconnected from your inner wisdom, peace and well-being?

Do you feel lost and confused about your purpose in life?

Do you experience self doubt or a lack of personal power in any way?

Do you have issues with self love, self appreciation and/or self worth?

Do you want to truly know and feel FREE to be Yourself?

Do you feel a lack of joy in relationships or in life?

Or, Do you feel blocked to your DIVINITY in any way?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then you were called to be here today on this page, at this time in your SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION!

Feel confident that you are on the RIGHT PATH and that you are here with DIVINE PURPOSE TO AWAKEN to what you’ve been asking and longing for.

How do I know this?

Because if you were not ready to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE, you would not have been attracted
to Evolving ~ Soul.

Your time to remember, reclaim and embrace your Wholeness, Higher Purpose and Divinity is now.

Your Higher Self is calling you.

You are ready.

My name is Marie Georgopulos and it’s my purpose and joy to assist you in awakening to your heart, well-being, inner truth and the next brilliant version of Who You Truly Are.

With an extensive background in the study of spirituality, metaphysics, ascension and the psychic and healing arts, I have discovered that life and healing are an unfolding of our Divine Nature and an Evolution of our consciousness as we return to our wholeness.

Just like a flower unfolds into its fullest expression of its beauty and grandeur, so are you designed. Your Soul and Higher Mind hold the seeds of inspiration to unlock your most joyful, abundant Life and Higher Purpose in the Earth Plane.

But without the fertile soil of our unobstructed minds and hearts, the seeds of our Eternal Nature never take root.

When our hearts and minds are clouded by…

  • Limiting and Negative Beliefs
  • Critical Judgments of Self and Others
  • Distortions Around Love and Self Worth
  • Negative Memory Imprints that Keep us in Discordant Behavioral Responses
  • Cultural Myths that Keep us Bound in Negative Patterns of Being
  • Denials, Lies and the Stories that Bind us

…the seeds of our Eternal Wisdom are not nurtured. We basically stay stuck in a cocoon of safety until we have the strength and courage to rise above the untruth and transform our ideologies, limiting perspectives, beliefs and memory imprints into the catalyst for change that they were meant to be.

We all have our core lifetime issues, perceived obstacles to soul growth and blind spots that we are here to transcend. Each soul has it’s trials and errors through the experience of being human that spans across lifetimes that can keep us feeling blocked from our Eternal Nature of Love.

Through my studies into healing and transformation, I’ve realized that our Soul fragments when it is deeply hurt in this lifetime or others.  This is done to protect this part of our self from any further hurt until the pain can be resolved in a Divine way.

Even though trauma or painful events can cause parts of our self to hide or feel inadequate, unloved or not enough in some way, it is always possible to call these pieces home through Divine Care and Will.  It is possible to evolve the human psyche so it becomes part of the Glorious Whole of Who You Truly Are.

At times I know it can feel so hard to overcome the emptiness, “stuckness” and lack of passion, power and purpose in life…

I know because I’ve lived it…


When you are ready to invite your soul fragments back into the whole…

When you know the “Big Why” behind your fears and struggles…

When you realize why you keep experiencing the same patterns of defensiveness, control and judgment…

And you are able to put it all in Divine Perspective, you literally FREE YOURSELF FROM YOUR CONSCIOUS AND UNCONSCIOUS INTERMENT for good!

You see, you are just like a butterfly evolving from the earth-bound identity into the most beautiful expression of Source so you can fly free and pollinate the world with your love, beauty, peace, joy and abundance.


But in order to break out of the cocoon of safety, the butterfly must summon enough energy to crack the cocoon and lovingly shake itself free.

FREE from the programmed thoughts, responses and actions that hinder our soul’s evolution

FREE from the fears that block our imagination

FREE from the negative beliefs that shadow our heart’s glory and desires

FREE from the unconscious negative behavioral responses that cloud our judgement

FREE from the subconscious programs that bind us

FREE from the habituated negative criticism

FREE from all that reflects anything less than unconditional love for self and others!

The good news is that you are not alone and that everything your Soul

desires for you is accessible and available to you.

We all have times in our journey when we get stuck and need help. I know that I’ve experienced many dark nights of the Soul.

However, I was always able to pull back into my faith in the Divine as Me, and come back into vibrational alignment with my Source Self.  Over the years, I continued to study spiritual truths, follow through on my spiritual practices, hone my intuitive abilities and work with various healing modalities so that I could gain enough clarity of Being to access my own Eternal Wisdom and the Realms of Illumined Truth.

Now it’s my passion to share what I learned along the way with you so you can overcome your core issues in a faster, easier and more graceful way ~ a Soul Inspired Way that is unique to you!

As I mentioned above, my journey of healing and awakening hasn’t always been easy. In fact it was torrid at times and I often felt as if I’d never find peace and happiness. But I kept asking for help and guidance. I kept listening inward and doing the inner work…I still am…

And because I had faith in my Higher Self, my Angels and Spirit Guides ~ new books, classes, workshops, mentors and even Guides came my way to help me to discover facets of myself that I was ready to embrace.

With an open heart and open mind, the Divine Within is Revealed and

our Eternal Perfection is seen in all our experiences.

As I said, it wasn’t always this way. I was in your shoes around 20 years ago suffering from chronic illnesses, perfectionism and the need to control everyone and everything. I was angry all the time and hiding the sexual and emotional trauma I experienced as a child.


I was seeking for anything that would soothe me and help me to cope with my chronic issues but nothing seemed to be working. I just kept getting sicker.


I didn’t want to die young like my mother.

I KNEW that something had to change!

And I realized that something was ME.

All along something was pulling me to a greater TRUTH inside myself…

Something beyond the Me that I was currently experiencing…

Something grander and wiser than I could imagine!

As I started to go deeper into my healing, one synchronicity led to another

and before I knew it, I was on an incredible, purposeful journey into the


HEALING and THE PURPOSE OF IT ALL (As Far as I’ve realized for Now).

And now it’s time to share all that I’ve remembered and awakened to with


Then all you have to do is make the commitment TODAY to TO AWAKEN TO THE REAL YOU…one step at a time.

KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that Your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides are waiting to assist you in your evolution and awakening process.
You’ve asked and NOW it is time to receive!

With all my heart, I invite you to embark upon a transformational journey into THE HEART OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE THAT WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE THE WORLD FOREVER.

It is my sacred desire to always do my best to assist you with the utmost sincerity, integrity, wisdom and clarity that I am capable of.

I look forward to working with you!


Marie’s gifts of healing and incredible insight have been such a gift to me. Her work has helped transform my life forever. After arriving at our session and before I could even pull out my list of questions, Marie was able to sense my concerns immediately and began addressing all of them one after another. The first thing that was addressed was my body/mind. I walked into this session with a migraine, feeling disconnected and ungrounded. However, by the time we were finished my migraine had completely dissipated and I felt grounded in love and spirit. I have not had a migraine since that session. Next she addressed my core beliefs about relationships and love. With her deep insight, channeling and transformational work I was able to express the tears and emotions that I knew I needed to express. I am so grateful to heal at this deeper level. It also taught me that I do have the power to reinvent my life and be the person I know I am, but could not find. Marie’s connectedness and healing ability is almost unreal, and I am forever grateful for the shifts that have taken place in my life since that session.

Thank you Marie!!
~Jayme S.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to experience a session with Marie. I have worked with Marie before and find her voice and spirit to be calming and comforting…Marie provided a sacred and safe place to really open up and look within. I felt totally at ease working with her and really went deep into my heart to do some healing and understanding of things. Marie truly has a beautiful gift to share. I know as I continue to heal and grow that she will be someone I can entrust in and work with further. Since my session I have made some serious shifts and cleared up some blockages from childhood. I have a new understanding of some of my relationships and with this new understanding a new appreciation for the other individuals. I truly feel like a new me and cannot thank Marie enough. For those of you reading this I cannot express in words how much Marie has made a difference in my life.

With much love and light,
~Lori S. ~

I have listened to the recorded session over and over again to let it sink in. I did a lot of contemplating and am feeling different about my whole self. Although this past week was emotionally challenging, I somehow managed to find an inner peace I have never felt before. I am starting to find clarity in the direction I would like to pursue for my life… Thanks to your insights, I feel re-energized as I can feel the Holy Spirit working in me, reprogramming my soul for success and prosperity. Marie, I am so thankful that God brought you into my life at this moment in time. I never realized how much help I needed to clear the dense fog that has been plaguing me for the last several years.

~Johnny T

My Rapid Transformational Therapy™ session with Marie Georgopulos redefined my emotional and energetic states in a wonderfully healing way. I am amazed with how quickly Marie helped me to target my issues, then help them to resolve and transform into a useful, healthful, loving state of being. Immediately following our session, wonderful coincidences started happening with rapid succession. Joyous abundance has greater flow towards and within my being.
I listen to the recording our session almost every day. It is soothing and uplifting, a welcome reminder to value myself.

All Love~Bonita W.

We all need a hand up in the evolution of the human spirit. Whether you feel you have things to heal or just want to be on the path to embracing a more Enlightened You…it’s never to late.

However, it does take time, love, knowledge, awareness, wisdom and the spiritual practices that are the most congruent with who you are to evolve with more grace and ease.

If you have questions about any of my services or want to know more about me and how I can best serve you, please feel free to:

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