Intuitive Messenger, Spiritual Guide, Healer and Teacher

Hi, I’m Marie A. Georgopulos and my journey of transformation, healing and spiritual growth started back in the year of 2001. During this time in my life I had reached a point of crisis with my health issues. The asthma and sinus issues that I had most of my life had become very severe and chronic. I was suffering from sinus infections that would never heal even after 2 surgeries. My asthma was getting uncontrollable and I was very weak. At 38 my body was shutting down or perhaps trying to awaken.  The bottom line was that conventional medicine was getting me nowhere. In fact, I seemed to be getting worse.

Underneath all this, were some deep emotional issues from childhood that were unresolved. Like many people on a spiritual journey, we often choose to be born into homes that mirror the exact opposite of what we truly want to embody. My family was very dysfunctional. There was physical, emotional and sexual dysfunction in our family and many of my family members were alcoholics or abused alcohol and substances. We were highly codependent and my siblings and I developed addictions of our own as a means of coping with the stress.

My grandmother, mother and sister all died young from cancer and complications from diabetes. Of course, that’s what their bodies died of, but I know now that there were deeper emotional issues behind their illnesses. For me, I had buried a great deal of grief and anger inside of me. My emotional pain was showing up as a need to control everyone and everything. I was a major perfectionist, I drank excessively (primarily on the weekends), and I had anger issues that I couldn’t resolve.

On top of this, I was hiding the sexual distortion that I experienced with my father as a young adolescent not only from my stepmother but from my husband as well. I was somewhat frozen inside and although I thought I knew what love was, I was only experiencing a fraction of the love that was there for me. After I had my daughter, my mothering heart took over and I wanted to be a better parent to my child than what I experienced in my life.

But I just kept getting sicker and sicker.

I did not want to die young like my mother.

I knew that I had to do something different.


I had a sense there was more to life – it seemed that my life was ‘out there’ waiting for me. I had spent most of my life sick, angry and in denial. After having my daughter, I realized the power of unconditional love and that I was ready to make a change in my life and begin to love and care for myself at a new level of integrity. I was seeking a better way to resolve my issues.

Although I was unsure about how I would do it, I knew I had to try.

I knew, deep inside, I was worth it.

Once I put out the intention to find a better way, the Universe replied. Of course, at this time in my life, I didn’t know about the Power of the Universe and All That Is. I wasn’t sure who I was spiritually because I had many questions about the Nature of God and religion that were unanswered.

However, once I committed to change, the inspiration came to me that started me on the path to healing my physical body. But this wasn’t enough for me.

I WANTED TO CURE MY CHRONIC HEALTH ISSUES and I knew there was a way. I wasn’t taking “no” for an answer. This led me to using homeopathy to help to cure the underlying constitutional issues and from here I was led to the study of energy healing and became a Reiki Master Teacher over the course of a few years.

During these years, as I practiced and used this energy healing modality along with many others, I began to open up to a passion deep within myself to know more about the Soul, our bodies and the mind-body-spirit connection. I was like a kid in a candy store and went on a whirlwind ride into the world of energy medicine, esoteric arts, metaphysics, channeling, psychic development and ascension. A doorway had opened for spirit to speak to me. It was a large door at first, but I stepped through and went for it. 

I was seeking the meaning of life, why we were here, what is God, the purpose of it all and who I truly was.

Seek and Ye Shall Find…


With every question, the Universe was bringing me books, classes, people, teachers, mentors and of course, my own process of evolution. The more I understood how the Universe operated, the more I revealed the Higher Levels of Truth that existed within the Universe and within me. I was learning more about the nature of my Being and healing in the process. Through my many “Dark Nights of the Soul”, I was growing stronger, building my trust in self and Source and deepening my connection to my heart and Knowing. 

Through all of this study and absorption of spiritual principles and truths, I began to evolve my psyche and grow in awareness of my Higher Being. My abilities as a channel of my heart and soul began to blossom and my intuitive skills grew. I began to feel more empowered, conscious and opened up to my inner dreamer. I wanted to know and live my heart’s desires and my Higher Purpose. I wanted to live in alignment with my Soul, my Higher Will and the grander version of myself. I showed up and made different choices in my life so I could live more purposely and authentically.

When I first started my journey of remembrance and awakening, I debated who I was. I wasn’t sure what type of medium I would be or how I would do my sacred work in the world. So I started with what I was passionate about ~ energy healing and intuitive guidance.

Through my continued study of the healing arts and practice with it, I began to discover rich parts of myself that I wanted to share with the world. And as I did this, the most amazing thing happened!

My heart opened and I began to heal what I was told was “uncurable”.


This became my “physicians creed”, one of my keys for transformation, and what I still teach today. As I discovered more and more of my truest self, I began to feel more whole, more united within myself…MORE LIKE ME. Not the me that others wanted me to be, but the ME that I wanted to embrace and BE. I had to dare to be different and allow my uniqueness.

Within us lies the seeds of inspiration that will heal us, awaken us and assist us in transcending any issue in our life or lifetimes.

The more I accepted parts of myself that I had hidden as a child, the more I revealed the power to express the joy within me. My innocence, imagination and curiosity in life began to open up again. I began to love myself more and as I did this, my world began to reflect this back to me.

Looking back on my own journey and the many dark nights of the soul that I’ve experienced, I realize that in all of it there are these Gold Nuggets of true inspiration that have helped me to see the beauty of myself and Who We Are as Souls. My journey has been about healing and integrating the parts of myself that felt scared, alone, critical, sickly etc, so that I could see the brilliance of the totality of Who I AM at a Soul level and beyond.

This journey is still unfolding for me as I evolve into the next magnificent version of myself that I can realize and dream into existence.  I haven’t fully realized all that I KNOW deep within my heart yet…

But here is what I do know…

  • I know now that life brings us the experiences to help us to grow in Spirit and to evolve as beloved Beings of Light and Love.
  • I know that anything is curable and any problem has a Divine Solution. 
  • I know that anything we put our minds and hearts toward will grow.
  • I know that we are meant to dream big, create our world and live our best life.
  • I know that we are meant to be well, joyful, abundant and experience such good in life.
  • I know that we are meant to be Whole unto Ourselves, United in Love and Deliberate in Creation.
  • I know that we are to Re-member our Oneness with God.
  • I know that we are “beyond human” and evolving into grander expressions of ourselves.
  • I know this and so much more…And I can’t wait to share it with you!

In closing, I wish you the greatest journey into the Heart of Who You Truly Are.

If you feel guided to have someone assist you in your journey of transformation, soul integration and awakening, it would be my pleasure to assist you in the most Divine Way possible.

Feel free to contact me anytime or check out my Services.

Much Love and Gratitude,

Marie A. Georgopulos

My Areas of Study and Certification

Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Practitioner

Certified Trinity Energy Progression™ Practitioner

Certified Book of Life (Akashic Records) Specialist

Certified Spiritual Communication Facilitator

**Reiki Master Teacher Certification

**Heart2Heart Practitioner™

**Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner

**Alpha Mastery Level 1 Teacher Certification

**EDINA Energy Medicine

**Matrix Energetics Level 1

Metaphysical Studies

Psychic Development Studies

Deepak Chopra Meditation Course

Neal Donald Walsch Self Mastery Course


(**) Indicates Modalities that I no longer practice and offer for services.