butterfly-totem-temp-300Over the next 20 weeks I will be writing a series of articles entitled 100 Healing Tips for Personal Transformation and Upliftment that I intend to turn into an expanded book on the subject. Some of these tips are powerfully life enhancing and are truly meant to be practiced for soul growth. I call these areas of life mastery that we are here to recall. I’ll point these out along the way. Ideally these are the keys for living an enlightened, joyful life of abundance. The other tips will be what I call uplifting actions that will open the passage way for new beginnings. They are ways to “reach for relief” when times are tough as I learned from the teachings of Abraham–a wise group of non-physical Beings who speak through the conscious channel Ester Hicks. You can find out more about their teachings by visiting their website www.Abraham-Hicks.com. When we take action in a mindful way that attends to our truest needs, we always feel relieved. Actions that “reach for relief,” or thinking that lightens our spirits, all fall in the category of soul re-alignment.

It is my wish that you will attract to you the Healing Tips or inspired actions that will guide you in your journey of transformation. Keep in mind that these are tips that feel good to me and that I feel are life enhancing when taken in moderation. Your greatest resource is always inside of you, so always follow what feels good to you until a solution arises within you. Remember not to escape your problems through this feeling good, but use these tools to come back to a more relaxed, calm you so you can then focus your attention on the solution. All solutions lie within and you have the power to access them. I’ve grown to appreciate these healing methods as my ways of revealing that which is most beneficial for me to act upon, move toward or embrace in my journey. The bottom line is that life is a journey to be explored, so have fun exploring these tips and listen to your guidance in all that you embark upon and experience.

Article 13: 100 Healing Tips for Personal Transformation and Upliftment

61. Use Crystals and Stones for Healing
Nature contains everything that we need to heal ourselves. Crystals and stones have been used for healing and spiritual awakening purposes for centuries. In my healing journey, I’ve used crystals and stones for various purposes and I always feel good when working with them. I’ve been taught by many teachers and Spirit Guides that crystals and stones are sentient life forms. They do have consciousness and purpose in the Earth plane. Some of you may find this hard to believe, but I imagine that if you clicked on this e-letter today, you’re not one of those people. It’s also been proven that quartz crystals have incredible computing powers. In fact our computers contain quartz crystals and without them they would not be able to run.

Crystals and stones are part of the Elemental Kingdom of Heaven and they can be used to heal many physical, emotional and mental ailments. They can also be used to get in touch with the higher planes of existence and open you up to spiritual attributes and intuition. I believe that you can tune into the consciousness of these Elemental Beings and work with them to raise your vibration or clear your energy pathways. You can also use them to concentrate healing light, like a laser, at a particular area of the body for healing purposes. Exploring crystals and stones may take some time as there are so many wondrous varieties to choose from. I recommend a book by Judy Hall called The Crystal Bible to get you started. You can find several editions on Amazon.

For beginners. start with a quartz crystal. All quartz crystals are programmable with the power of intent. This means that you can sit with your crystal and ask it to be programmed to assist you for healing purposes or any other beneficial purpose. Simply hold the crystal in your left hand and ask it to connect with you. Once you feel the pulsing energy, place your intent. You may feel guided to simply hold the crystal in your hands or you can lay it on the area of your body you want to heal. The crystal will never harm you but only work along side your Source Being. You may feel energy swirling in the area of your body that you laid it on or you may have some sort of emotional release. It depends on your intent. Whatever happens, know that it’s for your highest good and will help you in some way. Be sure to clear the crystal or stones that you’re working with before and after each use. You can do this by rinsing them under water with the intent to clear them or placing them in sea salt with the same intent. Either works well. Do not reuse the salt or the water, unless you bless it. For more on this please research online or purchase a crystal reference book for further advice.

62. Practice Having Faith
For a long time in my life I didn’t have faith in the Divine or God. I actually questioned the existence of any Guiding or Omnipotent, All Intelligent Force. It was hard for me to put my faith into anything other than myself. Regardless, this was still faith. I just knew that I had it in me to achieve what I wanted if I put my mind to it. Of course, later in my soul-searching journey, I came to realize that blind faith was always easy for me in past lives. I found my way back to the understanding of God, Goddess and the Eternal Nature of the Soul and All That Is. I now am able to put my faith into myself and have faith in the Divine and the Universe to support me in all that I need, want and desire. Believe me I have my days when I really have to switch my thinking back into faith, but these times are more and more seldom.

When you are sick, emotionally distraught, down on your luck or having any struggles at all that you can’t seem to solve, that’s when you have to stop paddling up stream and put your faith in your Higher Power to assist you. Fear, overwhelm, frustration, regret etc are all lower vibratory emotional states of being. They go against the grain of our existence and truly are indicating to us to release the paddles and let Spirit take over. This simple act of faith pulls you into a higher vibratory rate where the Eternal Nature of All That Is, can begin to send you inspiration. You’ll notice friends start to call you with advice, or you may get prayers sent your way. Basically you’ll begin to notice things lining up for you that are Divine Assistance. Practicing having faith got me through some of the roughest times in my life. It was the best gift that I could ever give myself. I hope that you will give this healing gift to yourself as well.

63. Get Good Rest
This may not seem like a healing tip that could change the course of your life but after this, you may think otherwise. There are all kinds of studies that prove getting good rest is key to rejuvenation, healing and even letting go of stress. Think of getting good rest as an act of truly loving your body and self. Our sleep time, when we sleep well, is a time for us to enter into the realm of our Spirit. Our consciousness slips away but our Higher Power or Soul is still keeping the ship running and assisting in any repairs that need to take place. It’s like putting your car in an auto spa every night where it can be pampered, oiled and lubed-up so it’s ready to go in the morning. Ideally, if we go to bed with good thoughts on our mind and wake up with focusing on good thoughts, the momentum that we’ve built in our previous days toward our struggles will lessen and lessen in as little as few days for most issues. I’ve seen this in my own life and it truly works. If I am sick, I get over my sickness a lot faster as I practice my faith, get good rest and think good thoughts before and after sleeping. So take the time that you need to get adequate rest. Pamper yourself before bed, read an inspiring book, rub on some essential oils or fix yourself a cup of herbal sleep tea. Make it a ritual that says “I love me”. You’re body will be very pleased as well as your mind.

64. Spend Some Time with Your Pets
Animals of all kinds are great lovers especially our family pets. I feel that pets just know how to unconditionally love us and that they are great healing Beings if you allow them to be. My dog can pull me out of any funk by rolling on her back and rubbing her eyes. It’s the cutest thing. She has the biggest heart and she knows when I’m not feeling well. She’ll come and lay by me and just rest with me. Just seeing the sweetness of her curled up, sleeping body gently breathing in and out soothes and warms my heart. At times when I’m working really hard at something or in overwhelm, she’ll come up to my office, wag her tail and jump in my lap to get my attention. She knows it’s time for a walk or play time for me. Every time I surrender and join her, I always feel better. Dogs and cats can be therapy for some people. They are honest, sweet and loveable. They’ll laugh with you and always be there for you. They don’t sweat the small stuff so they’ll always help you to see the brighter, lighter side of life.

There have also been studies on the healing properties of a cat’s purring. Cats can sense when their owners need assistance and they will come and lay with you and gently purr. This is a healing vibration that can lull you to sleep but also effect your cells as well. Studies have shown that the purring can help lower blood pressure, release muscle tension, help with chronic fatigue and much more. I also once attended a workshop with healing horses. It was very powerful. I was able to psychically understand some of the horses and one rather large horse snuck up behind me and nudged me on the back. At that same moment I heard it was time to work with him. He asked me to line my heart center up with his by lining up my chest at his side. When I did this I felt an energy go into my heart that opened it up. I could feel the love of this horse and its great compassion for mankind. When he was done, he simply walked to the next person. It was beautiful.

If you don’t have pets of your own, you can always donate your time to an animal shelter or local veterinary office. Perhaps you have friends that have dogs and you can go visit them. An actuary is also a great place to get care from the animal kingdom as well as just watching the squirrels and rabbits in a park. Reach out to them in your mind and see what happens. I think you’ll be surprised.

65. Smile More
I know this sounds silly, but a smile can really change the world. Did you know though, that when you smile, you actually send signals to your brain to be happy. It really does work. For some reason the brain goes into an automatic response when you put a smile on your face. Smiles are truly contagious too. I’ve practiced smiling in the mall, the grocery store, the bank and even at the DPS department. Not only does it lift my mood, but people around me begin to smile back. Soon I’m filled with an abundance of smiles all around me. People appreciate a smiling face. I know that I do. Try to smile from your heart too. Put a smile on your face while breathing in and out through your heart. You just have to put a little focus on your heart and you’ll begin to feel a whole new level of smiling that might even turn into joy, harmony, peace or bliss. Heck, you might even start laughing. Just know that in this higher state of being, your accessing a higher vibration and this can not only be healing but also transform a dull day or life, into a blissful one.

Well, that’s all for this week. Check in next week for 5 more Healing Tips! As always I welcome your feedback and look forward to your comments. If you need any assistance in your healing and spiritual awakening journey, please feel free to contact me for a private session or check out some of my online products and other events on my website www.HeartTransformations.com.

With Love and Gratitude,
Marie A. Georgopulos

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