butterfly-totem-temp-300Welcome to Article 16 of my 20-Part Article Series with tips for healing and personal transformation. We are getting to the end of this article series and I hope that you’ve found them to be enjoyable or at least informative. Remember that many of these tips are ways to relax yourself, reach for relief from your stress and struggles and empower so you can then begin to face the issues at hand from a benevolent place of grace and hopefully wisdom. Toward the end of the series I will share with you some of the greatest Truths of the Universe so that you can become more conscious in your relationship with the Whole of Your Being and your creative potential.

It is my wish that you will attract to you the Healing Tips or inspired actions that will guide you in your journey of transformation in the best way possible. Keep in mind that these are tips that feel good to me and that I feel are life enhancing when taken in moderation. Your greatest resource is always inside of you, so always follow what feels good to you until a solution arises within you. All solutions lie within and you have the power to access them. I’ve grown to appreciate these transformational tips as my ways of revealing that which is most beneficial for me to act upon, move toward or embrace in my journey. The bottom line is that life is a journey to be explored, so have fun exploring these tips and listen to your guidance in all that you embark upon and experience.

Article 16: 100 Healing Tips for Personal Transformation and Upliftment

76. Develop Your Self Image
If you have a poor self image it reflects into the whole of your life. Sacred self image is about exploring the opportunity to become all that you desire to be and all that you were born to be. Developing your self image is a part of stepping into your personal sovereignty or power. How you feel about yourself often dictates your self image and vice versa. I have found that when you transform your self image, learn to embody it, that life can change around you. Having a positive self image shows people that you respect and admire yourself, not in a false way or with an air of superiority, but in a way that shows love for self.

If you have a poor self image and want to change how you see yourself and feel about yourself, you may need to explore some healing work to move past the negative beliefs about yourself. Once you change the beliefs, it’s easier for you to come back into alignment with the true image of yourself that you want to project. Remember that having a healthy self image is not about being overly vane or beauty conscious, but rather a space of allowing the beauty, confidence, trust in self and joy of being human that’s inside of you to be shared with the world.

If it feels good to you, I would highly recommend getting some new clothes, getting a new hair cut or makeover and presenting yourself to the world everyday in the way that you truly want to feel. I know that when I put on a flowing spring dress, nice earrings, makeup and a smile, I feel my Inner Goddess presenting herself to the world. I feel sexy and more alive. I feel empowered to prosper, I feel my talent arising within me and my body just feels more vital. It’s amazing how wonderful it feels projecting the image of our inner truth. And please, don’t let budget stop you from an empowered, image makeover. You can do this with little to no money by shopping at thrift stores, having a friend help you with makeup and you can even get an inexpensive hair cut at a beauty school. Just know, that no matter how you choose to go about developing your self image, it will help you to step more into your authentic self expression.

77. Develop Confidence and Trust in Yourself
Having a healthy level of confidence and trust in oneself is also very empowering. Of course I mean the type of confidence and trust that is absent of arrogance or superiority that is non-benevolent. I feel that our Soul is always confident in its ability to learn and to gain access to talents and gifts that are unknown to our conscious mind. Our Soul is always an “I can do it, I can be that, I can have that” person and has no fear of the unknown. To me, building confidence in self is as easy as knowing that you have the ability to be, do or have anything that you truly desire. When we mirror to the world our confidence, we become more magnetic to the things that we want–new jobs, partnerships, lovers, friendships etc. All you have to do is put your mind to it.

Believing that nothing is impossible will pull you into Divine Faith. Afterall, this is your dream and your dream comes from your heart and Soul. This means that you have all that you need inside of you to accomplish this dream simply because you thought it and it felt really good to you. Trust that you will access the consciousness of how and then follow your Divine Will and inspiration to the fulfillment of this dream. All along the way, you will gain confidence in yourself, your talent and skill set. So I highly recommend that you take those classes you’ve always wanted to, invest the time in honing your skill set and accessing your passions and talents. It’s through the inspired actions that you will gain the confidence that you need to succeed in life. Again, this is a very empowering process that assists you in transforming your beliefs about yourself which in turn, can transform your life.

78. Put Things into Proper Perspective
Our perspective is the measure by which we determine the potency of our reality. How we view our world, ourselves and our circumstances in life, determine the outcomes of our life. To me, there are two facets to putting things into proper perspective. One is the idea that all things are malleable and with proper perspective we can change the outcome of an event to a more suitable one. This would involve seeing things from a more conscious vantage point of the value in the situation and of what you learned from it. You may also want to ask yourself what new desires were born from this situation. Putting your focus on the good that came from your challenges changes the vibration of the of how you receive what is happening to one that is more positive. This in turn, redirects the Universe’s response to you so you can receive inspired solutions to your challenges.

Secondly, I see this facet of taking an overwhelming or chaotic situation and putting Divine Order to it through our Divine gift of Reason. I know that when I go into overwhelm over how many things I need to get done, I have to put things into proper perspective through using my ability to reason and prioritize my to-dos. I simply choose 3-4 things that I know have to get done today and everything else goes on the list for the Universe to get done. I don’t think about how this will happen, I just allow it to unfold. When I’m done with those 3-4 things, I will pick 3 more and so on. In this way, I use my power of reason to bring order to what feels chaotic. The same can be done in other situations as well by simply focusing on the minset and actions that will lead to positive results. Ultimately, using the Law of Proper Perspective, will assist you in transforming any negative situation into a positive one.

79. Energy Tune Up Exercises
Our body can hold onto energy at times and our meridians or energy pathways can become blocked or flow poorly. Our brain can also be more left brain or right brain dominant through our habits, line of work, excessive meditation, sickness etc. Below are some energy tune up tools that I’ve used throughout my journey to help me calibrate and revitalize my energy. I sometimes like to do them before meditation or before I go to sleep at night but they can be done anytime during the day. Do the exercises consistently over a period of time to receive the full benefit of them. You will however, start to see some results right away.

Cross Hatching: This is a great way to balance the right and left brain hemispheres so the body and spinal column fluid assist one another adequately. Ideally, you should have balance between both hemispheres of the brain for optimal health and functioning in this reality. On a deeper spiritual note, each side of our brain represents the Father-Mother God within us or the Masculine and Feminine Nature of our Being through which we view and create our reality. With this said, cross hatching is one of the many ways to bring us back into harmony with the fullness of our Being. Simply touch your right hand to your left knee and your left hand to right knee either standing in place or walking forwards and backwards a few steps. Take turns touching each knee for 2-3 minutes while taking deep breaths. Try to focus on your breaths and let your thoughts go as best as possible.

Headache Release: Anytime you have a headache try this for relief. Of course, I highly recommend that you seek professional help if the symptoms continue or they keep recurring. Place one hand on your forehead and one hand at the base of your neck where your head meets it. Hold your hands here for up to 5-10 minutes. I’ve tried this several times myself for headaches and even dizziness with much success. You can also rub on your temples for additional relief as well.

Energy Zip Up: Your body has what’s called a grand meridian that runs up the front of your body and back along the spinal column. Sometimes this energy meridian can get disturbed and it can cause the body to weaken. This exercise can be done throughout the day if you want. Hold your hands with your palms up at the pelvic bone area and then raise your hands upward all the way to your nose intending to “zip up” your energy. You can even imagine a huge zipper that you are zipping up if you want. It’s as simple as this.

80. Stop Procrastinating and Move On
Procrastination is one of those situations in life that happens to all of us. I feel that procrastination has it’s purpose and can guide us into clarity if we allow it too. Why do we stop ourselves from following through on the projects, dreams or visions that are most important to us? There are several reason why this happens in my opinion and I’ve outlined them below.

1. You haven’t made yourself available to receive the inspiration toward your want or desire. This is very common as it requires us to truly take the time and listen to our heart for the next step. This is important with large projects, dreams and visions since you do want to follow your guidance so that things come together in an easy way.

2. You may have a belief about yourself or capabilities that’s in the way of following through on your want, desire or inspiration. That’s okay, we all have these. Just re-engineer your belief by naming it, seeing the truth about it (i.e. where it came from and that Source does not believe this about you) and then recognize what beliefs you need to have in order to accomplish this. Let the new belief be your truth and mantra. If this doesn’t help you, seek help moving past those beliefs.

3. You haven’t started or ended your day by putting things into proper perspective. You are essentially moving through your day without focus on the things that are most important. Sometimes this is due to our habits of taking care of everyone else, the home, the pets etc before we actualize our own wants and desires. It’s okay to get help with these things, “leave them to God or the Universe to handle” or simply attend to them another time. It’s okay to please ourselves first and to make our wants a priority in life. There is help for all the other things if we allow it and open to receive it.

4. Your vision, dream, project may need some more clarity or mindful contemplation before it feels extra inviting to you. For instance, I knew that I had a book within me to write; however, I wasn’t quite ready to get started with the writing. I realized that I needed more inspiration, time in my calendar and an outline of some sort to start from. I also needed to know who I was writing this book for so that I could find the words that would speak to them in the way that I wanted.

Making yourself available to hear the inspiration from your Soul, putting things in proper perspective, entraining with new beliefs about yourself and bringing clarity to your desire are all ways to move on and stop procrastinating. Just taking one of these steps will free your energy for the next inspired piece.

Well, that’s all for this week. Check in next week for 5 more Healing Tips! As always I welcome your feedback and look forward to your comments. If you need any assistance in your healing and spiritual awakening journey, please feel free to contact me for a private session or check out some of my online products and other events on my website www.HeartTransformations.com.

With Love and Gratitude,
Marie A. Georgopulos

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