butterfly-totem-temp-300Welcome to Article 17 of my 20-Part Article Series with tips for healing and personal transformation. We are getting to the end of this article series and I hope that you’ve found them to be enjoyable or at least informative. These next few articles will be dealing with transformational practices, invocations, Universal laws and few more healing practices that I’ve used in my life. Remember that many of these tips are ways to relax yourself, reach for relief from your stress and struggles and empower so you can then begin to face the issues at hand from a benevolent place of grace and hopefully wisdom. Now we will be getting into more of the crux of my work as a teacher, writer, healer and intuitive.

It is my wish that as you read these articles you will gain access to inspiration that will guide you in your journey of transformation in the best way possible. However, your greatest resource is always inside of you, so always follow what feels good to you until a solution arises within you. All solutions lie within and you have the power to access them. I’ve grown to appreciate these transformational tips as my ways of revealing that which is most beneficial for me to act upon, move toward or embrace in my journey. The bottom line is that life is a journey to be explored, so have fun exploring these tips and practices and listen to your guidance in all that you embark upon and experience.

Article 16: 100 Healing Tips for Personal Transformation and Upliftment

Today you will receive 6 tips…OOPS I forgot one last time!

80. Heart Focus Meditation
This is a meditation that I use quite often for myself and with my clients. The heart center is the gateway between the lower dimensional self and the higher dimensional self. I use this heart-centered meditation to center myself in the Now and to access my Divine Wisdom. Your heart actually has neurons like your brain and therefore it can send signals to your brain that the brain cannot dismiss. This was proven by the Heartmath Institute and presented in their book The Heartmath Solution. Your heart center is also the center of Divine Love, compassion, empathy and joy among other things. Bringing your attention to this center opens the passage way to access the heart’s intelligence or the wisdom of your Soul. I have found this type of meditation very helpful in highly emotional times because it is very calming and puts me in a state of allowing the broader perspective of what is happening or how to resolve it.

To do this meditation, simply sit a space where you can be undisturbed for 5-15 minutes and begin to breathe deeply in and out through your nose. Put your focus on your heart center and continue to breathe. You can even imagine breathing White Light or Green Light in and out of this area. Green is the heart chakra’s balancing color and white light contains all colors within it. When your attention strays, and this is normal, just bring it back to your heart. I would suggest that you place the intent before you start to connect with your Divine Intelligence for whatever you need assistance with. Keep your request simple and to the point. Try to only include one thing that you need assistance with. Write the request down if you can because the answer is always specific to the question asked. Then just breathe and focus. You can do this meditation with music in the background or without. Give it some time and be okay if you do not receive an inspired knowing or thought the first few times. It’s a practice and at a minimum, you will feel more calm and more connected to your heart. We all know that when we feel more connected to our heart, decisions are easier and we think more clearly from a space of love and compassion.

81. Be Honest with Yourself and Others
Being honest with others is a way to honor them and yourself. Honesty builds trust and people can sense when you are telling them the truth. Even what we call “white lies” effect our energy in a non-beneficial way. This is because our Spirit only knows truth and always knows how to share this truth with reverence of others and oneself. When you are dishonest with another person, you are also being dishonest with yourself. We think that the person will never know, or that we are doing them a favor in some way, when in reality we are always emanating the vibration of what we mean regardless of what we say. Since we are telepathic beings, people sense this and they may begin to lose trust in you. Being honest with someone is not about critical judgement filtered through our mind and intolerances, but is something that is done from the heart. Doing your best to speak from your heart to others, will always lead to positive results in your relationship.

The same is true for ourselves. We can sometimes lie to ourselves in an effort to overlook, hide from or escape a problem or challenge in life. It’s just easier to stuff the emotions that we are feeling and go about our day then to move through them. It’s okay to FEEL. In fact, you’ll resolve a lot more in your life if you let go of all the feelings you have about a situation or yourself. You can write in a journal about them or speak them out loud to yourself but do move through the emotions and then, put things into proper perspective. Being honest with yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself especially when it comes from a space of love for self. If you are lying to yourself about something, then take some time and do the Heart Focus Meditation above so you can resolve the issue behind the lie. Your heart knows what you need and desire so take the time to be lovingly honest with yourself and I know that you will see great transformation in your life.

82. Come Out of Your Cocoon of Safety
We all need time in the cocoon especially when we are embracing a new identity, donning a new role or healing in life. But like every butterfly, there comes a time when the butterfly must summon all it’s energy and shake free from it’s cocoon of safety. If it doesn’t, it will wither and die. We all want to feel safe and comfortable in our paradigms and life, but there comes a time when our Soul is calling us to expand, to dream, to awaken and follow through a vision that brings us joy. We are Joy Beings and we are meant to follow this joy each and everyday of our lives. Too much time in our comfort zone and cocoons stagnates our intrinsic love for Freedom. We are meant to fly free in the fullness of our beauty, pollinating the world with our wisdom and love. Life is our garden of flowers waiting for us to explore and enjoy. So if you are having a difficult time coming out of your cocoon of safety, then ask yourself these questions:

What am I truly afraid of and is it real?

What is the worse thing that can happen if I_______________?

What is the best thing that can happen if I ________________?

Hopefully the answers to these questions will lift your vibration enough for you to put things in the perspective of your Higher Will and the Grace of Your Heart.

83. Invoke the Ascended Masters or Archangels on Your Behalf
There are Beings of Light at all levels of Creation. The Ascended Masters and Archangels exist at the Highest Levels of Creation and are holding the space for us to awaken to our creative potential, love for self and our authentic expressions as Soul’s on Earth. They want to support us in all that we desire in life and they are willing to assist us in any way. The Ascended Masters have had many incarnations, sometimes thousands, in the Earth Plane. They have ascended to a level of mastery beyond the veil of illusion and now work in the Higher Realms to support this Universe and beyond in many ways. One of those ways is to assist us in moving past our struggles, fears, worries and concerns. Another way is to support us in our soul growth, purpose and potential on Earth. The Archangels are the highest order of Angels that assist God with his plans for humankind, Earth and the Cosmos. Most of them have never been incarnate on Earth. They, like the Ascended Masters are here to assist us in any way that we desire as long as it upholds the good of all concerned.

Because we have the gift of Divine Choice here, we must call them forth or invoke them on our behalf. You can simply do this by finding a quiet place to rest your mind, enter into your heart space by putting focus there, and then calling them forth to assist you with your concerns. Since there are so many Archangels and Ascended Masters, I won’t list them here but I will point you to a marvelous book by Doreen Virtue entitled Archangels and Ascended Masters that I really like. In there you will find descriptions of some of the most asked for Enlightened Beings but there are many more than this. Each culture has their unique Deities and Ascended Beings to work with as well. Her book describes each Archangel and Ascended Master along with their purpose and what they would like to assist us with. She also included invocations that you can use during meditative times.

Over the course of my healing journey, I’ve called upon many of the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Dieties. They always come with such love, reverence and appreciation for what we are going through. They are always wanting and willing to communicate with us and give us Divine Inspiration to assist us. Just sitting in their energy and meditating with them can be powerfully healing and uplifting.

84. Know Yourself as God/Goddess Incarnate and Believe It!
You are a Divine Being of Light that is part of the Creator of All Life. As such, you have the same spark of Divinity within you as the Creator. I believe, that we are incarnate Beings of Light that are extensions of Father-Mother God or God/Goddess with the Creative Potential of All That Is within us. Our non-physical Being exists in many dimensions at one time. We can not begin to understand all that we ARE. However, I feel there comes a point in our seeking to find God, that we realize God is within us. I happen to believe that we hold the Feminine and Masculine Aspects of God within and that we access this through our right brain and left brain respectively. Each has it’s purpose in assisting us in operating in this Universe so that we can awaken to our potential as Soul’s on Earth. Knowing that you are part of God/Goddess in form can be very empowering and uplifting. In my weakest times, I remind myself that the same power that creates worlds exist within me and all I have to do is ALLOW it to flow and all will be resolved.

There is a great book by Anita Moorjani entitled Dying to be Me, that really reinforced this idea for me. Briefly, Anita was dying from stage 4 cancer that was so critical it was destroying her organs. She went into a coma and had an experience with her non-physical Being, and her deceased father. She had the choice to come back or stay but she decided to come back knowing that she would be totally healed of her cancer. And she was! In a matter of weeks, the impossible happened. That same power lies within each of us and can never be separate from us. It is the power to create worlds and we are a world unto our self. So know thyself as One with All That IS and with this belief, watch your world change!

85. Hone Your Intuitive Skills
We were born with 5 senses to experience this physical world with and a 6th sense to experience the non-physical world with. This is called our intuition and everyone has it. When we are born, our intuition is guiding us all the time. But often times, as we get older it is clouded by the fears and misperceptions of others and society. Honing your intuitive skills will assist you in moving through the world with greater ease and grace. It will open you to a whole new world or reality of being that is not only transformational but can also assist you in any healing process. Your intuition comes through in many ways. Below is a list of potential “clairabilities” that you may currently have or want to gain access to. I’ll also give you a pointer on how to expand each of these abilities. Remember that your intuition is like a muscle. As you use it, it grows and becomes stronger. So make sure that you practice with others and by yourself. It’s important to do this practice when you are feeling good and your heart is open. Be patient and trust your Higher Self and Guides to help you.

Claircognizance: This is the ability to access “clear knowing”. Clear knowing is knowing things that you would not normally be able to know. For instance, when my father was moved into home hospice care I just knew that he would only be with us 4 days even though the doctors said it could be as long as 2 weeks. It just flew out of me in the car while talking to my stepmother. I feel it was given to me to share so that we could be prepared. Clear knowing also comes in the form of your “gut feelings”. You can hone this skill by recognizing these “gut feelings” and following through on them. You can also practice with a friend and ask your Higher Self to send you a clear knowing around a question your friend has.

Clairvoyance: This ability is “clear seeing”. When you have clairvoyance, you are able to inwardly see images, colors or impressions from the Higher Realms to assist you in your own spiritual growth or aid others in life. Some people can even see energy and Beings around an individual. To have clear vision, it’s important to have a balanced 6th chakra or Third Eye Chakra. You can work with Indigo Light and ask your Higher Self to assist you with honing your clairvoyance skills while in meditation. Also practice creative visualization around your dreams in life so that your Third Eye muscle is used more regularly.

Clairsentience: This is the ability to have “clear feeling”. Clairsentient people can often feel other people’s emotions and pain. They can also have visceral experiences with Beings in Higher Planes of Existence such as Angels and Guides. We all have the ability to feel subtle, unseen energy if we tune into it. Practice this gift by sensing different objects like a plant vs. a crystal and see how each feels to you. You can also work with a friend and ask them to think of an emotional experience they had while you try to read it and sense it.

Clairaudience: This is the ability to have “clear hearing”. For some this comes in as sensations in the ear, sounds in the ear like chimes or tones and then some even hear voices from Spirit Guides and Angels. Sometimes I have a clairaudient experience and I’ll say to my client “I hear such and such” but I haven’t actually audibly heard something. I just know that I’m hearing it on some level. Practice this with your Higher Level Guides and Angels. Call them forth and ask them to help you to develop your clairaudience.

Well, that’s all for this week. Check in next week for 5 more Healing Tips! As always I welcome your feedback and look forward to your comments. If you need any assistance in your healing and spiritual awakening journey, please feel free to contact me for a private session or check out some of my online products and other events on my website www.HeartTransformations.com.

With Love and Gratitude,
Marie A. Georgopulos

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