butterfly-totem-temp-300Welcome to Article 19 of my 20-Part Article Series with tips for healing and personal transformation. We are getting to the end of this article series and I hope that you’ve found them to be enjoyable and transformative. We’re now getting into what I call the Juicy Stuff! These last two articles contain wisdom about the nature of our Being and the Laws of this Universe. These are Universal Laws that apply to every man, woman and child on this Earth and through the understanding and application of them I discovered the truth about healing and transformation. Ultimately, my experience with what I am about to share and my experience with what I have already shared, has change the course of my life dramatically. I literally moved from chronic illness, anger, escapism, troubles with perfectionism and control to love and acceptance. However, I would not have been able to heal my chronic lifetime issues without this wisdom that I will be sharing in my last two articles. This is why I teach it today because it is so vital to living an abundant, fulfilling life. Enjoy!

Article 19: 100 Healing Tips for Personal Transformation and Upliftment

91. Practice the Power of Presence
I feel that we are all here as Soul’s to understand and apply certain “powers” that are intrinsic to our nature as Infinite Beings. I put “powers” in quotations because these are not powers that limit us or control others in any way, but instead they are our powers that open the doorway to extraordinary possibilities and our Beyond Human Nature. The Power of Presence is one of these powers. When we practice the power of presence, we literally are able to surrender to the Eternal Now and to observe “what is” from the vantage point of non-judgment. With the Power of Presence we live in the Now trusting that each Now is a new point of creation. That “what is” is now “what was” and the only effect that it has is the one that we allow.

To me, the Power of Presence is like a long awaited breath of fresh air that permeates every part of your Being. It’s a space of neutrality that exists without limits or even time, if you want to get really existential. The Power of Presence can open a doorway for pain to exit the body or a situation. It’s a space of union with the One Mind and consciousness of I AM that transcends what we currently believe to BE. It is a space that is absent of mind but one with Mind. It simply nullifies the power of “what is” in our subconscious and opens a window to potential for something new to arise, be created and experienced. It is the fulcrum of harmony. It is the Eternal IS.

When I read the book, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, I wondered what the Now felt like. Is it sans emotion or is it permeated with every emotion that ever existed thus nullifying the effect of time and space. All I truly know is that it is a space that breathes me and awakens me to new beginnings. I feel that it is an ever expanding space that once practiced, or rather “dropped into” on a consistent basis, guides us back into the Heart of Who We Truly ARE as Limitless Potential. It frees us from the bonds of the mind and opens us to the winds of change that lie waiting to be explored or found. It literally opens us up to the Highest Truth in any moment–that all is malleable. NOW is where we truly exist and when we experience this ISNESS, all is perfect and nothing has power over us. We experience our Omnipotence. So practice “dropping into” the Eternal Now and see what transforms around you.

92. Understand the Law of Cause and Effect
In this Universe we operate within the Law of Cause and Effect. Some of you probably understand this as the Law of Karma. The Sanskrit meaning of the word karma is “action”. Basically this law states that for every cause there is an equivalent effect and vice versa, for every effect there is an initial cause. In the Bible is the phrase “you reap what you sow” and it’s used quite frequently in spiritual teachings. This is basically the same as the Law of Cause and Effect.

You can also think of the Law of Cause and Effect as a barometer of how in alignment we are with the greater good. When we put forth a negative cause, then by law, a negative effect will occur and the same is true when we put forth a good cause. Everything that we think, feel, say and do has a cause which reaps a certain effect in this Universe. We also have the power to choose in this plane of existence. So choosing actions that move you toward worthy goals or that share the goodness within yourself will yield positive results by the Law of Cause and Effect. You could also say it this way, that the energy that you put out is the energy that is returned to you. Understanding this energetic relationship helps you to make wiser choices in your life. Choices that will enhance your life and even enhance the life of others in positive ways.

I believe that Source or God wants us to put forth the causes that bring us back to the sharing of our heart. The heart is the center of our desire from Source and when we truly center in it, our actions are more in alignment with your Higher Being or your Heart’s Wisdom. From this space all cause emanates from the realm of God’s Infinite Abundance and only abundance will flow back to us.

93. Invoke the Power of I AM
There are many levels of consciousness within the One Mind of God or The Creator. “I Am That I Am” was the response given to Moses when he was on the mount and burning bush appeared before him. He asked “Who are you?” and this voice pronounced “I AM THAT I AM”. Many believe the I Am Presence to be The Creator or All That IS. I happen to believe this as well and that there is an I AM that represents All That IS and there are extensions of this I AM as well which represent our personal I AM Presence. When I did my mind map for this section of my article, what came through my intuition is that all is I AM and I AM exists before space and time and in every particle and beyond. Without I AM there is no Mind. It’s power is known as the first cause of our reality and beyond. Basically, I AM is causation in form. This is why I AM statements are very powerful as they claim our personification of the All That Is. So when I say, I am a healer or I am intuitive etc, I am claiming the personified Thought or Word of God through the power of my choice.

Invoking the Power of I AM invokes the Truth (the self-expression of God) within the Soul and it’s Omnipotent Cause. Invocations of the I AM can be powerfully healing and transformative because we are claiming this Omnipotent Cause as our own Truth. Since we live in a Universe that operates within the Laws of Cause and Effect, causation through I AM is a very powerful claiming of our trust in our own Divine Effect in our lives. I truly believe that what we claim with all our heart, we become–or, better yet, we are. Therefore when we invoke the Power of I AM we are invoking the embodiment of our Divinity and wholeness.

There are many ways to invoke the Power of I AM, but many people simply chant “I AM THAT I AM” while in a meditative state. I haven’t tried this myself for long periods of time but I have invoked the Power of I AM in many ways. When I asked for an invocation from my Guidance for this article today, I received this:

I hereby invoke the full power of I AM through the first cause of Being and beyond to clear all cords of attachment to paradigms that no longer serve me, the Earth Plane or my Soul. I ask for this or anything else that is better for me or the Earth Plane at this time.

Use this invocation or create one of your own. The I AM Presence will work with you anytime you desire. You may be able to find I AM Invocations online as well that are great for healing or spiritual attunement. I know that you will experience a great deal of love and healing, if this is your desire, when you invoke the Power of I AM. I certainly have felt this in my life.

94. Learn and Apply the Art of Conscious Loving
To me the Art of Conscious Loving involves many facets of our being and it’s a space born of the communion with your heart’s intelligence or inner wisdom. Having an open heart and mind is key to consciously loving. By conscious, I mean that we awaken to the thoughts and the actions that are born from self love, acceptance and a will to share the wealth of our heart with others. A consciously loving person understands the wealth of the heart and the gift in giving from it. As a consciously loving person, affection, warmth, appreciation, kindness, generosity, acceptance, compassion and allowing are given in relationships in ways that fulfill all involved.

I also believe that a consciously loving person also understands the art of attention especially from the space of the heart. Giving someone your fullest attention isn’t always possible, but when you are able to do so, taking the time to center in your heart can bring your level of attention to new heights especially when your heart is full and ready to give. Attention in this way is more focused from love’s perspective or the perspective of your Higher Will or Wisdom. This type of attention opens doorways to inspiration and gifts of the moment that can be fulfilling to all involved including you. In the book version of this article series, I will go deeper into each of these elements of conscious loving. But for now, first practice opening your own heart to yourself and then sharing it with others when most appropriate. There is no wrong way to do this, nor is it a practice even, it’s just a conscious choice to relate better to others and yourself from the space of the heart. Do your best and surrender to the rest. In the Realms of the Divine, ALL IS ALWAYS PERFECT, WHOLE AND COMPLETE AND WE ARE ALWAYS LOVED.

95. Use Your Imagination to Heal Your Body and Transform Your Life
You’ve heard me speak about the gift of our imagination and it’s power to create our desires. Our imaginations will set us free. As children, we imagine quite readily as we are more attuned to our Source Self then most adults are. We imagine being firemen, moms, teachers, policemen, ballerina’s, singers and if you were me, fashion designers and airline stewardesses (thanks to the Barbie airplane!). But the point is that this was how we felt through what we wanted to be. We were trying on hats to see what it felt like to be all those things. Our minds have an incredible partnership with our hearts and when we realize our heart’s desires, then our mind will begin to imagine this all on it’s own. Our mind is a part of the One Mind and we are extensions of the Creator of All Life. As such we have the power to create with our thoughts and emotions.

Putting your powerful mind to use to transform your life or heal your body is the most empowering process one can enter into. I’ve always said in my workshops and teachings that “true healing is not done to you but through you”. Yes we can effect change through our releasing exercises and “reaching for relief” actions, but true healing occurs when we begin to use our imagination to create what we desire. I have learned through the study of many teachers that we only have to hold an image of our desire, coupled with the emotions that we want to feel while having and being what we desire, for 17 to 68 seconds. By the time that you reach the 68 second mark, you have called forth incredible assistance from the Universe.

Throughout my life I’ve sought the best healing methods to heal my chronic issues. I’ve always felt that these healing modalities assisted me in healing layers of thoughts and beliefs that no longer served me. However, when I came across the Abraham-Hicks material on the Laws of Creation and learned the power of my imagination, among other brilliant things, I knew that this was the piece that was missing that would truly effect change in my life. Not just in my health and well-being but in my life circumstances as well. I’ll get more into this in my book and in the last article of this series, but for now, trust that you can effect change in your body and life by putting your mind to good use and seeing, thinking and feeling the new you.

Well, that’s all for this week. Check in next week for the crescendo of my article series! As always I welcome your feedback and look forward to your comments. If you need any assistance in your healing and spiritual awakening journey, please feel free to contact me for a private session or check out some of my online products and other events on my website www.HeartTransformations.com.

With Love and Gratitude,
Marie A. Georgopulos

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