butterfly-totem-temp-300Welcome to Article 20 of my 20-Part Article Series with tips for healing and personal transformation. For those of you who haven’t been reading along from the beginning, I started this article series with the intention of turning it into a book. I’m very excited to be sharing with you today the pièce de résistance of the article series. I hope that you’ve found them to be enjoyable and uplifting. As I mentioned last week, these last two articles contain wisdom about the nature of our Being and the Laws of this Universe. These are Universal Laws that apply to every man, woman and child on this Earth and through the understanding and application of them I discovered the truth about healing and transformation. Please read through all of the article below as it gives you the fullest experience of my journey into the law and how it assists us in this dimension. Ultimately, my experience with what I am about to share and my experience with what I have already shared, has change the course of my life dramatically. I literally moved from chronic illness, anger, escapism, troubles with perfectionism and control to love, acceptance and so much more. This is why I teach it today because it is so vital to living an abundant, fulfilling life. I look forward to expanding upon what I’ve written in the book version but for now, please enjoy the blessing of this wisdom.

Article 20: 100 Healing Tips for Personal Transformation and Upliftment

96. The Art of Surrender
To heal or transform your life, I believe that it’s important to learn the Art of Surrender. Any act of surrender involves one of the opposing forces letting go so that the highest good of all can be upheld. Most of the time, perhaps even all of the time, we are our own worst enemy. We are actually the opposing force that creates the obstacles to that which we desire. In this way, we seem to be in a battle between our false self and our true self. Or, better said, we are in a battle between our old limiting beliefs and the new soul-driven beliefs that we want to embrace. The Art of Surrender involves freeing ourselves from the self imposed subjugation of our mind, or what we think, believe and feel about our self that battles our true nature or expression as Divine Beings of Light, Love and Worth. Surrendering to your heart and your Divine Will is an act of love and sovereignty. It is not an act of subjugation but instead is an act of courage that is powered by a sense of “all is well” and trust in the Universe and the God Self to guide you back on your path. It is the knowing that what is false is simply a mindset, and not a reality to shrink into, but a self-imposed obstacle that helped you to discover your power to let go and allow the greater good to unfold. The greater good can never unfold when you are living in the past, picking at wounds, or moving through the world with anything less than ease and grace. Life is meant to be easy.

Whatever you need to surrender, whether it’s limiting beliefs, your human reactive will, your need to succeed at all costs, your denial, avoidance or need to control…know that your Source Self is waiting for you to wave the white flag, open your heart and breathe in new life, new ways of thinking and becoming all that you want to be. Source is calling you to let go and allow the tides of goodness to carry you to the shores of your desires. Battling yourself, or anyone else (which is really battling yourself), limits your ability to be inspired by love. It limits the Universe’s or God’s response to your asking. It simply limits you. The truth is that you are Boundless Infinite Energy with Divine Consciousness and Will. Subjugation is never an option and only disempowers. It never uplifts or prospers. All life is meant to thrive. Surrendering to your heart frees you and will always put you on the path of prosperity and growth. Ultimately, the Art of Surrender is being at ease with “what is” and “is not” so that you can let go of what hinders and binds you and open a window to the impulse of the heart and the pulse of Universe. It’s as easy as just breathing and being, and saying YES to All That Is and Can Be.
97. Understanding and Working With the Law of Attraction
If you’ve been around in the metaphysical community for a while, you probably already understand this universal law called the Law of Attraction. It is one of the 3 main Laws of Creation that I’ve learned about through my metaphysical studies and experience. Whether you do know about this law or not, you’ve definitely attracted this wisdom to you today. Simply put, the Law of Attraction states that like vibration attracts like vibration. You may have heard people describe the effects of this universal law as “birds of a feather flock together” , “the rich get richer” or “laughter is contagious”. These are all examples of our observance of this law in action. As I said, this is one of the universal laws of this Universe and as such, there is no way to escape it. It’s also proven scientifically through the law of resonance. In previous articles, I’ve written about the potency of our thoughts and emotions and touched base on the law of attraction. But this transformational and healing tip is one that changed the whole perspective of my life as it answered the big question of “why is this happening to me?”.

You see everything in this Universe has a vibration. This includes our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Thoughts, feelings and I believe actions as well, truly are contagious or have a certain attractive quality to them. Science has proven that emotions like love, joy and peace have a much higher frequency than the baser emotions of frustration, greed, anger, hate etc. The bottom line is that with this knowledge, we are able to understand and control what we are creating in our lives. Since thoughts have a vibration to them and many times evoke powerful emotions, having knowledge of this law assists you in course correcting your mindset, beliefs and patterns of thinking. We all know how changing our mindset is key to changing our lives. If you were to investigate the mindsets of the most prosperous, joyful people, you’d most likely find that they have mindsets that are prosperous and joyful as well.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be a constant “hall monitor” for your thoughts, feelings or actions. This would be very difficult to do and most likely would cause you to go into overwhelm. But it does mean that it’s important to do your best to look for the good in every day and stay focused on the thoughts and actions that feel good to you. Being mindful of your thoughts and feelings as catalyst for change in your life, puts the power to change your life in your hands. Knowing, believing and working with the Law of Attraction helps you to be in the driver’s seat of your destiny. Fate, luck and most importantly, victimhood become obsolete notions. Working with the Law of Attraction and the other Laws of Creation, can have a powerful impact on the world that you live in. It can also help you to let go of the past and see the past as a reflection of how you felt and thought at the time. It can help you to see the broader perspective of what occurred in your life and give you hope to resurrect the creative potential that you were born with and return to a state of self love. In my journey, the knowledge that I was the master of my own destiny was powerfully healing. It helped me to forgive the past, embrace my personal sovereignty, live my purpose and resurrect my wonder for life and the world. It is my greatest wish that the sharing of this wisdom will do the same for you.

98. Understand and Trust Your Emotional Barometer
If you’re new to all of this, then your probably thinking, how do I navigate this attractive universe with as much ease as possible, or at least that’s what I wanted to know. Luckily we were born with the gift of feelings and what I call our emotional barometer. Through my studies into metaphysics and the Laws of Creation, I’ve come to understand that we have this internal barometer that measures the pressure of our environment that we’ve created and forecasts the future weather of our life circumstances. This barometer comes in the form of our emotions and it guides us in our journey of discovery and creation. Although we can experience many emotions as human beings, there is a scale of resonance that they slide along. The emotions that are lower on the scale feel bad and the ones that are higher on the scale feel good. In the middle is the space of neutrality which still has a resonance but is the impartial space of feeling that feels neither good nor bad.

These emotions are our intrinsic wisdom relating to us how in alignment we are with the callings of our Soul. Simply put, when we are feeling bad, our emotional barometer is indicating that the thoughts, feelings and actions we are participating in are creating an environment of high pressure and forecasting stormy weather. Conversely, when we are feeling good, our emotional barometer is indicating the opposite–a low pressure environment with great weather to come. Now back to the callings of your Soul. You see, the Soul is always calling you to the desires of your heart whether you know what they are consciously or not. Your Soul always knows what you truly desire and want and will wait patiently for you to arrive with a full heart and open mind to create something new in your life. Your emotional barometer is part of your inner guidance that assists you in deliberately embarking upon a journey of least resistance toward goals and dreams that you either consciously or unconsciously hold. When you set sail upon a ship you always want to know what the weather will be so you can have smooth sailing. Simply see your emotions as the keys to smooth sailing in life.

Always following what feels good to you, or what feels lighter and lighter to you, will guide you back into alignment with the wishes of your Source Being or your Soul. That’s why I’ve included in this article series so many transformational and healing tips that assist you in feeling better. Once you are feeling better, your ship is being steered in the best direction, with the best weather to get you where you want to go with greater ease. Once you are feeling good, you’re more open to receive further inspiration from your Soul in the form of ideas as well. Trusting the wisdom of your emotions and then course correcting your thoughts and actions to bring your ship back into alignment with what you truly want, will always yield positive results.

99. Understanding the Art of Mindful Focused Creation
What we focus our mind and heart upon through the power of our imagination will come to be. Mastering the Art of Mindful Focused Creation is mastering the ability to put your conscious attention on that which you desire in order to summon the cooperative Universal Forces of All That Is to create what you want. We are Creator Beings and as such we are here to deliberately create our own destiny. What does deliberately mean? It means to consciously and intentionally consider something. In previous articles, I wrote about the power of our imaginations to create our own destiny. The Art of Mindful Focused Creation works with the power of focus to bring to awareness ideas that are aligned with your imaginative forces that will guide you toward your desire.

To me, there are 2 components to the Art of Mindful Focused Creation. The first component is the ability to focus your will on that which you desire and begin the creative process through the power of your mind. Taking time to imagine yourself in your dream or vision requires you to act in accordance with your heart’s wishes which will always feel good to you. We’ll call this your creative mind lab time. The 2nd component is mindful or conscious attention on that which you desire. Focused attention that is mindful or conscious is more highly attuned to the vibration of “having” what you desire. We’ve all heard the phrase that “what you put your attention on grows”. This of course makes sense when you have the understanding of the Law of Attraction. This conscious attention is not only during your creative mind lab time, but also outside this time when you’re following through on inspired thoughts around your vision and making plans or goals that feel good to you that put focus to your vision or dream.

This brings me to the third component of the Art of Mindful Focused Creation and that is focused behavior sets. Focused behavior sets that feel good to you to act upon keep the forward momentum of your creation in motion. An example of a focused behavior set might be putting things into proper perspective each day so you are following through on those actions that feel the best to you and that have a positive effect toward your worthy goals or your dream. Maybe it’s quieting your mind before each day so you feel more aligned with your vision, purpose and heart. Focused behavior sets like these, become your inspired strategies for success and keep your dream alive and growing in momentum. The bottom line is that the ability to transform your life lies within you and I believe that the Art of Mindful Focused Creation is a deliberate and conscious way to step into your full power of your Divinity as a Creator Being. Focusing your will, attention and behavior on that which you truly desire, while always listening to your emotional barometer, can only yield positive results in your life. Deliberately moving through the world as a conscious co-creator with the Universe is every soul’s purpose. It’s your deepest knowing that you have this power within you and it can not fail you.

100. Practicing the Art of Allowing
The Art of Allowing is very similar to the Art of Surrender except that it involves more of the tuning into the rhythm of your Source. Often times it is through the act of surrender that one enters into a space of allowing or of non-resistance. Practicing the Art of Allowing is a simple as breathing deeply and quieting the mind in meditation. It’s really about a return to our natural state of well-being, where there is no effort but just ISNESS. It a space where we are able to detach from the outcome of what we want and trust that all will be provided for. I find that breathing in and out through the heart space is one of the easiest ways to get into this space of allowing. Communing with nature is another way to breathe and just be. Nature has a wonderful way of breathing us, of grounding us in the Heart of God and awakening our senses to the joy of being human.

Practicing the Art of Allowing is key to the creation process. The Universe, Source, God can only reach you when you are in a space of non-resistance. Allowing all that you desire to unfold like a beautiful rose, is far more satisfying then “making things happen” or forcing them to happen. You’ll find that this space of allowing will align you with more cooperative forces and inspiration to assist you in the BECOMING of your dreams. Meditating every day for 10-15 minutes with the intent to allow your well-being and alignment with your Soul or Source Self is the #1 way to practice this state of being. If you don’t have a meditation practice currently, then I recommend that you start one. If you’re new to meditation, you can purchase my meditation guide called The Art of Transformational Meditation on my website.

There is a second part to the Art of Allowing as well. Not only to do we need to allow ourselves but we need to also allow others. Allowing others to have their beliefs, emotions, reactions, weaknesses and their own dreams is key to being in alignment with your Source Self and the Universe. It’s difficult at times to allow others their reactions and emotions because we tend to view things as good or bad and take them personally. But when we can stand in our heart and see another’s passage as equal to ours and allow them the space to have a “bad” day, grow and change all of their own volition, then we are truly acting in accordance with the wishes of our Soul. Of course, our Soul does not want us to be in danger in anyway. So if someone is attacking you in anyway, then take immediate action to feel safe. This is always a Source driven response. Allowing is not tolerating others behavior. Tolerating has fear or negative emotions tied to it. Allowing always uplifts you and is safe from all harm. You can remove yourself from a harmful situation and still be an allower of that person to find their path back to joy in their own time and space sans you.

Overall the Art of Allowing is the ultimate gift you can give to yourself and others. In order to heal your heart and open it to all that you desire, you have to begin to allow your heart to sing and your Spirit to dance through you. You have to allow the Breath of Life to permeate you and attune you to the knowing that All is Well. The space of allowing, like surrender, will set you free and freedom is your intrinsic nature.

For more on these topics, please visit the Abraham-Hicks website for material on the Law of Attraction, Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing . Their material on these laws is channeled material through Ester Hicks from a group of Enlightened Beings that call themselves Abraham. They are Teacher Guides and their work has profoundly shifted my reality. If you were attracted to this article today, I know you will delight in their work too.

Well, that’s it for this Article Series! I hope that you will pick up a copy of the extended book on this material in the months to come. If you’re interested in a copy, please let me know and I’ll put you on a list to receive the announcement of the book once it’s published.

As always I am ever so grateful to everyone of the readers, patrons and clients. I look forward to sharing this book with you in the future and the book of my story entitled From Wounded to Awakened. It is my gift as a Divine Messenger, Healer and Spiritual Teacher to assist others in their healing and awakening process. If you connected with any of this material, I am always open to assisting you in revealing your greatest obstacles to overcome in this journey as a Soul, to help you to see past your blind spots and to go deep into the heart of your issues to resolve them with the Wisdom from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. It is my gift to assist others like me who have experienced abuse and dysfunction in their lives so they can see the gift and the Truth that lies within them. You can contact me any time for a session or to intuitively guide you toward what I have available that would most assist you now.

With Love and Gratitude,
Marie A. Georgopulos

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