Over the next 20 weeks I will be writing a series of articles entitled 100 Healing Tips for Personal Transformation and Upliftment that I intend to turn into an expanded book on the subject. I’m writing this series as a commitment to myself, not only to nurture my inner writer, artist, healer, and teacher, but also to step into my power as a purposeful soul who wishes to share her knowledge and wisdom so others may find their inner healers and teachers—or their Source of Inspiration.

Some of these tips are powerfully life enhancing and are truly meant to be practices for soul growth. I call these areas of life mastery that we are here to recall. I’ll point these out along the way. Ideally these are the keys for living an enlightened, joyful life of abundance. The other tips will be what I call uplifting actions that will open the passage way for new beginnings. They are ways to “reach for relief” when times are tough as I learned from the teachings of Abraham–a wise group of non-physical Beings who speak through the conscious channel Ester Hicks. You can find out more about their teachings by visiting their website www.Abraham-Hicks.com. When we take action in a mindful way that attends to our truest needs, we always feel relieved. Actions that “reach for relief,” or thinking that lightens our spirits, all fall in the category of soul re-alignment.

It is my wish that you will attract to you the Healing Tips or inspired actions that will guide you in your journey of transformation. Keep in mind that these are tips that feel good to me and that I feel are life enhancing when taken in moderation. Your greatest resource is always inside of you, so always follow what feels good to you until a solution arises within you. Remember not to escape your problems through this feeling good, but use these tools to come back to a more relaxed, calm you so you can then focus your attention on the solution. All solutions lie within and you have the power to access them. I’ve grown to appreciate these healing methods as my ways of revealing that which is most beneficial for me to act upon, move toward or embrace in my journey. The bottom line is that life is a journey to be explored, so have fun exploring these tips and listen to your guidance in all that you embark upon and experience.

Article 2: 100 Healing Tips for Personal Transformation and Upliftment

447384736. Truly Know Yourself:
While on my path of healing, I learned that “to know thyself is to truly heal thyself”. This is something that I share with my clients and in my teachings. In my own journey of healing the wounds from an abusive childhood, I found that it was necessary for me to seek who I truly was. Not the person that everyone else wanted me to be, or society said I should be, but the TRUE me. The me that was healthy, wise and happy. The me that felt beautiful inside and out. The me that was creative, alive and willing to succeed in life without sacrificing her health and well-being–and much more of course. I’m still unfolding this beautiful Flower of Life that is me and doing my best to see the beauty and wisdom in all stages of the unfolding. But I wouldn’t have been able to do this without seeking to know myself at a deeper level. What I learned along the way would take more than one book to share, and hopefully I will unlock that side of me that can share it with greater eloquence, grace, ease and wisdom in this lifetime. At least this is the path that I’m on. Although it is a path at times filled with stumbling stones of ego, I’m willing to look deep inside myself to the blessings of the fear or limiting beliefs and see them for what they are. Catalyst for my courage, fortitude, resiliency, ease of being, wisdom etc.

It was through my own self discovery that I found my inner strengths and weaknesses, or those attributes I was here to develop. I found what I call my Core Essence of Being, or at least most of it at this time, for we are ever expanding beings. It was through this inner research that I realized my own validity as a woman of grace and Divine Providence. A student of life on Earth, yet a Master of Love at the deepest core. This I feel is true for every Being on Earth, that we are Divine Instruments of God’s love in form. That we are God/Goddess here to create the world that we desire and so much more. Believe me, I don’t always live this with 100% impeccability, but I do my best and forgive and love the rest! Hopefully as you delve into knowing yourself more intimately as Source, you’ll discover the well spring of life on Earth as nothing but a play ground for our Higher Purpose and learn to just hop on over those stumbling stones of ego, or better yet, just love them for all the gifts they provide us in our journey. More on this, in the book to come!

7. Take Time in the Cave:
To me, “taking time in the cave” is a little different than taking time to know yourself although they do feed into one another. Going into the cave is a sort of hibernation period where you can open up to many wonderful things if you allow it. It is of course a great time to rest, rejuvenate and cleanse the system of toxins whether they are physical, mental or emotional. It’s a time to disconnect from the world and be only with YOU. Some see it as going into the shadow and digging deep into the illusion of our Being in order to let go of the self imposed boulders of our former self. But you can choose to go into the cave and have it be a glorious time of self love, of introspection into the most harmonious aspects of self or just a time to presence oneself in stillness and self nurturing. In any case, it’s a time to embrace the fullness and abundance of our being. Not everyone will want deep introspection in this lifetime, but those of us born on the path of healing, tend to want to nurture the parts of our self that feel unloved. It’s okay to go into the cave and release the baggage of the past as long as you don’t dwell there for too long. Release what you need to release, sleep it off even, and then awaken to a new day of just pleasing yourself. Cave time can be a building of momentum toward an awakened state of awareness and appreciation for self. To me, it’s a time to let go of “what is” and remember the richness of being alive as well as to connect to our hearts desires. Taking this time for yourself is truly an act of self love and will always replenish you if you allow it to.

8. Make Self Nurturing a Priority in Your Life:
Hopefully after time in the cave you’ll feel lighter and at ease with yourself and the world. This is what true care of the self will do for you. Now it’s time to make this self nurturing a part of your everyday life so you don’t fall back into the negative habits you once had. Making self nurturing a part of daily ritual will restore balance in your energy and assist you in being a better partner in life. You’ll feel more vital and able to give to others absent of obligation or resentment. You’ll also be able to receive from others in a more gracious way. You’ll open up to more creativity, empowered living and joy in your life because you’ll feel better. In the beginning, self nurturing may be a form of reaching for relief, but as it becomes a part of your modus operandi, you’ll begin to see the true congruency of this gift to self with the whole of your Being. It will become more of a space of self love and self care that is acted upon, not as release from stress, but as a space of expansive union with your soul of unconditional love. There are many ways to self nurture, but only you can decide what you truly need. Throughout this article series, some of the Healing Tips will be “self nurturing” tips as well, so be sure to try these out.

9. Find and BE Your Joyful Self:
Many of you have heard the sayings “follow your joy” or “follow your bliss”. In some ways I can see how the joy that is our Eternal nature calls us every day but we are so wrapped up in our problems, annoyances and negative behaviors that we forget to tune into this call. I prefer to advise you to “find and BE your joyful self” because this turns you inward to discover the path of least resistance toward the embodiment of joy. Joy is a feeling state and you can’t vibrationally leap into it if you are bogged down with frustration, anger, grief etc. You literally have to release these emotions and begin to move your thinking in the direction of thoughts that are lighter and feel more in alignment with your joyful self. Thinking yourself up the emotional scale of well-being (every emotion is a vibration) takes some practice but once you get the swing of it, you’ll be able to turn any crappy day into a better day.

If you are already feeling good but not totally joyful, I recommend that you start to think about some things that have brought you great joy in the past or do something that brings you great joy. We forget to take time for all the things that bring us joy. We put them on the back burner until after we pay the bills, go to the grocery store, clean the house etc. What if we started our day off with something that brings us joy? In this way we are starting our day centered in our hearts and BEING our joyful self. This can then carryover into the cleaning of the house, paying the bills etc if we allow it. Starting our day here gives us a touchstone throughout the day for knowing when we are getting out of alignment with our true self. When this happens, we can always look back to the feeling we felt earlier in the day and start to think about how that felt. The trick is to catch yourself before you get to far on a downward spiral of emotion.

If you have been depressed or feeling bad for sometime, I would recommend that you work with someone who can assist you to go inward and find your joyful self. Our hearts always know how to help us if we just train ourselves to go there and listen to its Divine Intelligence. Any really good healer or intuitive counselor can guide you through this process and of course, I am happy to assist you with this anytime.

10. Dream Journaling:
Having a dream journal can be a wonderful way to get guidance from your wiser, Inner Self. As we sleep we enter into the higher planes of our existence where our Higher Self can guide us through symbols in the collective unconscious. These symbols are universal symbols that are the same for every human being. I recommend finding a really good dream interpretation book and using it as a guide to your dream analysis. I’ve used the two books listed below and have found them to be helpful. They have very similar teachings and also very different ways of interpreting the symbols. They are only a touch stone though as I find you have to also go with what your gut is telling you.

Dreams can tell you a number of things but at the very least, they will tell you either what you’ve been creating in your life or what you’re about to create in your life. If you feel good in your dreams then the thoughts and actions you had the previous day were on the path of least resistance toward that which you desire. If you felt bad in your dream, then your thoughts and actions were resistant to the joyful, powerful, loving you…resistant to that which you most desire as soul. This is where you can look at the symbols to see what they are indicating to you. For instance the symbols may indicate that there is a habit that you have that is keeping you in a pattern of lack or fear or that you need to begin to focus your mind on life changing goals. The second book that I’ve listed, by Barbara Condron, is a really good book for introspective questioning. However, I’ve found in my experience that dream interpretation is best when it’s kept light and simple so use the books that call to you. When you find the gift in your dreams it can put you on the path of soul growth and healing.

The Mystical, Magical, Marvelous World of Dreams by Wilda B. Tanner
The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Barbara Condron

Well, that’s all for this week. Check in next week for 5 more Healing Tips! As always I welcome your feedback and look forward to your comments. If you need any assistance in your healing and spiritual awakening journey, please feel free to contact me for a private session or check out some of my online products and other events on my website www.HeartTransformations.com.

With Love and Gratitude,
Marie A. Georgopulos