butterfly-totem-temp-300Over the next 20 weeks I will be writing a series of articles entitled 100 Healing Tips for Personal Transformation and Upliftment that I intend to turn into an expanded book on the subject. Some of these tips are powerfully life enhancing and are truly meant to be practices for soul growth. I call these areas of life mastery that we are here to recall. I’ll point these out along the way. Ideally these are the keys for living an enlightened, joyful life of abundance. The other tips will be what I call uplifting actions that will open the passage way for new beginnings. They are ways to “reach for relief” when times are tough as I learned from the teachings of Abraham–a wise group of non-physical Beings who speak through the conscious channel Ester Hicks. You can find out more about their teachings by visiting their website www.Abraham-Hicks.com. When we take action in a mindful way that attends to our truest needs, we always feel relieved. Actions that “reach for relief,” or thinking that lightens our spirits, all fall in the category of soul re-alignment.

It is my wish that you will attract to you the Healing Tips or inspired actions that will guide you in your journey of transformation. Keep in mind that these are tips that feel good to me and that I feel are life enhancing when taken in moderation. Your greatest resource is always inside of you, so always follow what feels good to you until a solution arises within you. Remember not to escape your problems through this feeling good, but use these tools to come back to a more relaxed, calm you so you can then focus your attention on the solution. All solutions lie within and you have the power to access them. I’ve grown to appreciate these healing methods as my ways of revealing that which is most beneficial for me to act upon, move toward or embrace in my journey. The bottom line is that life is a journey to be explored, so have fun exploring these tips and listen to your guidance in all that you embark upon and experience.

Article 4: 100 Healing Tips for Personal Transformation and Upliftment

16. Clean Up Your Mental Diet
We always talk about feeding our bodies healthy foods so that it can thrive but we often forget that our mind body also wants to thrive. We have more than just our physical body as a Soul. We also have emotional bodies, mental bodies and spiritual bodies. Each of these bodies work together as part of a whole unit of expression that the Soul creates through. Cleaning up your mental diet is tantamount to taking a vacation and diving into the whole essence of being alive. Eliminating negative self talk is one way to clean up your mental diet. Negative self talk literally can become habitual and may have been picked up through childhood experiences, television and members of society that modeled this to us. It also may be the result of childhood experiences in which there was physical, mental and/or emotional abuse. Regardless of how you arrived at this state, you have the power to change the habit by focusing your attention on thoughts that uplift you.

We are habitual beings by nature. Some habits will cause us to thrive and others will cause us disharmony and disease. The habits that are not life enhancing, basically are not in alignment with the whole of who you truly are. To assist our mental bodies in thriving, it is beneficial to focus on things that feed the mind in healthy, life enriching ways. Our mind is a powerful creative mechanism in this Universe and it’s meant to be used to enhance our life. Once you are aware of a negative habit, it’s now on the surface to heal. We all have thought patterns that turn into negative beliefs. Those negative beliefs that are conscious and working within us can be reprogrammed in various ways. Hypnosis, subliminal reprogramming, rapid eye technology and emotional freedom technique are just a few ways to reprogram negative beliefs. I’ll actually be talking about these mind-body modalities over the span of this article series.

For now the simplest way to stop negative self talk is to really pay attention to when you’re feeling bad. Being more aware during the day takes a little time to cultivate, but you can start by taking some deep breaths during the day especially when you feel bad and asking “what am I saying to myself right now?” Then ask yourself, “what can I say about myself that is good and that I totally believe?” Evoke honesty here. The body knows when you’re not being totally honest. It may be as simple as I’m a really good dishwasher. I have good teeth. People have told me that I have a great smile. In fact, people have told me that I’m a lucky person…and so on. Once you start thinking good thoughts about yourself, more will pop into your head until you get to the point where you believe that you have a lot of good qualities. When you think about it, all you are learning to do is to treat yourself with respect and love. As you do this on a repeated basis, positive self talk will then become habitual.

17. Practice Yoga
Yoga is a wonderful way to enhance the mind-body-spirit connection. Of course many yoga studios today are focused on using yoga to strengthen the body and may not teach the spiritual side of yoga, especially to beginning students. Whether you practice with the intent of centering in mind, body and spirit or simply go to get fit, yoga is a great way to clear the mind, heal the body and of course, to alleviate stress from your life. Most yoga involves body movement and postures that involve the use of breath but may also include meditation as well. Since yoga requires you to focus your mind and breath, it really is a great way to mentally de-clutter which is always good for the body. Therefore, it’s also a great way to clean up your mental diet. I have also found that it’s great for pumping the endocrine and lymphatic systems which are key to abundant health.

Some yoga is practiced for the purpose of transcending the ego through breath, visualization and mental focus or for spiritualizing the bodies. In any case, yoga can be great way to restore a sense of well-being, mental fitness and overall abundant health. Even though my yoga studio is more focused on yoga as a health practice, I always intend for my Soul to join me. When I’m truly in the groove and focusing my mind on my breath and postures, my Soul will gently nudge my body to move into better alignment with my posture and my breathing cycles. Overall I find my yoga practice to be restorative and beneficial to my life force. Some other mind-body-spirit practices that you may want to try out in addition to or in place of yoga are Qigong and Tai Chi. Both involved body movements, breath and postures but may also include martial arts moves as well. These mind-body-spirit practices are all ways to activate the Chi or life force systems that work with the body for the purpose of restoring and/or maintaining abundant health and well-being.

18. Set Worthy Goals for Living and Follow Through on Them
Worthy goals are different for everyone but for the most part, they are the ones that really serve the highest good of all involved. Worthy goals originate from the worthiest parts of yourself and they always assist you in sharing this sense of worthiness with others. Not only do they keep you focused on the things that matter most in your life, but they also give you a sense of purpose that is soul driven and not egocentric. You can of course have personal worthy goals or worthy goals that serve communities, family, countries and even the world. A worthy goal will always feel good to you to fulfill and you’ll find them to be very life sustaining and enhancing. Worthy goals will always come from your Spirit and it won’t take much for you to act on them because you will feel inspired. If a worthy goal is too lofty, your subconscious mind may not believe that you can attain this goal and you may stop yourself from moving forward in it. In this case, I find it’s good to take baby steps toward your goal. You can also evaluate your goal and apply your power of reason. Our spirits, God, the Universe etc, all want us to succeed in our big visions. So don’t pull back on focusing on these. Just be okay with taking the “first steps first” toward your vision by setting worthy, reasonable goals. Spirit always wants us to have what we desire with ease and grace. For more on worthy goals, I recommend reading Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

19. Create a Vision to Have Healthy, Fulfilling Relationships
We are Creator Beings which means we are of the Creator and have the power to create our own lives. I believe, to be a conscious creator it is important to have a vision for your life. I also believe that we are here on Earth as Soul’s who want to be in relationships and these relationships are meant to be healthy and fulfilling. The first relationship that we need to come into harmony with is the relationship with our Eternal Being, our Higher Power. Once we have this down, we have a very fertile ground to build partnerships with others from. I recommend that in your vision for fulfilling relationships that you include the relationship with your Source Self, and/or the Higher Power of your choice as well as the vision for relationships with other people.

I always recommend that you write down your vision. Remember that your vision is malleable and will be expanded upon over time. Be sure to add what you feel like in these healthy, fulfilling relationships. What kinds of people do you want to relate to? What does your ideal marriage look and feel like to you? What are you doing in it? You can be really general or get specific if you want. Play with it. See how it feels. Write it in the present tense as if you are already enjoying the relationships. Set the power of your imagination free.

Next it’s important to make it a priority to BE the person in your vision every day. If you want someone in your life who is fun, smart, kind, sexy, loving etc, then you have to be this in order to attract it into your life. If you’re having a tough time being the person in your vision, then it may be time to weed your garden. By this I mean, recognize the beliefs that you hold and patterns of thinking that are not a match to the person your are in your vision. Where does that belief stem from? Journal about it. See the first cause of it and see the falseness of it. Once you set it free this way, you are ready to embrace new beliefs. Ask yourself, “What do I have to think and believe about myself in order to BE the person in my vision (which by the way is the true you). Once you have this list, begin to take actions and think the thoughts that are in alignment with these beliefs.

For instance, if the new belief you want to embrace is “I am worthy”, then make a list of all the ways that you bring value to a relationship. Some examples of mine would be that I do my best to be open-hearted and to have an open mind. I’m a good cook. I’m a good friend etc. You’ll find this process to be very healing and uplifting if you invest the time to do it. It all starts with you. No one else can do it for you. The power is in your hands. So have fun with your visions!

20. Hold a Sacred Fire Ceremony to Release Your Past Issues
Once you come up with a vision for your new and wondrous relationships, you may find that it’s time to release the former you. Maybe it’s a past negative memory or belief. Whatever it is that you’ve been holding onto that no longer serves you, can be blessed into it’s spiritual evolution through a Sacred Fire Ceremony. Fire is an element that represents the spiritual nature of all things so it is very cleansing in nature. Now I’ve only done a few of these in my life but I know that you don’t have to be an expert to hold one. I’m sure that you could go online and find many ways to hold one of these ceremonies so if my way doesn’t appeal to you, please do your own research and find one that feels good to you.

I recommend you sit quietly with your journal where you can be undisturbed. Invite your Higher Self to join you and put you in a circle of Diving Light. Begin to list out all the things about yourself that you are ready to leave behind. Get everything off your chest. Just let it flow. All the negative things you feel about yourself. It doesn’t really matter where they come from just free them from your mind. If emotions come up, just move through them by writing them in your journal. Once you’ve written to a point where you feel you want to stop, then put the pen down. Take a deep breath or two, and if you like, say thank you to your former self and your Higher Power for assisting you in releasing all of this. Now tear the pages out and take them with you as you move into the fire ceremony part.

I have a chimenea in the back yard so I typically use this. I’ve also used a lighter and lit the papers over the sink. If you have a fire place, you can light the pages up and stick them in the fireplace. All of these ways are perfectly fine. I like the outdoors because it refreshes me to be outdoors. The next step is to say a Sacred Prayer or Invocation of Light as you burn the pages. Here is one that I created but you can certainly create your own or find one online that you prefer.

Holy Mother/Father God, Sacred I AM and Higher Self,
I ask that as I burn these pages
You assist me in transmuting all of this negativity that no longer serves me
Into God’s Infinite Love and Abundance.
I ask that this is transmuted at its core, cause, effect, record and memory
Across time and space, in any dimension of my being
Whether known or unknown to me
For the Highest Good of my Being and the Highest Good of All 
(Light the pages)
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, So Shall it Be!

If you want you can imagine a beautiful Violet Flame moving through and around you as the pages burn or you can use White Light. Either is fine. Just sit there, quieting your mind and breathe. Trust that all is being transmuted into Holy Light. You can use this ceremony anytime you like. It’s a sacred time for you and your soul but it may also be done in groups as well.

Well, that’s all for this week. Check in next week for 5 more Healing Tips! As always I welcome your feedback and look forward to your comments. If you need any assistance in your healing and spiritual awakening journey, please feel free to contact me for a private session or check out some of my online products and other events on my website www.HeartTransformations.com.

With Love and Gratitude,
Marie A. Georgopulos