butterfly-totem-temp-300Over the next 20 weeks I will be writing a series of articles entitled 100 Healing Tips for Personal Transformation and Upliftment that I intend to turn into an expanded book on the subject. Some of these tips are powerfully life enhancing and are truly meant to be practices for soul growth. I call these areas of life mastery that we are here to recall. I’ll point these out along the way. Ideally these are the keys for living an enlightened, joyful life of abundance. The other tips will be what I call uplifting actions that will open the passage way for new beginnings. They are ways to “reach for relief” when times are tough as I learned from the teachings of Abraham–a wise group of non-physical Beings who speak through the conscious channel Ester Hicks. You can find out more about their teachings by visiting their website www.Abraham-Hicks.com. When we take action in a mindful way that attends to our truest needs, we always feel relieved. Actions that “reach for relief,” or thinking that lightens our spirits, all fall in the category of soul re-alignment.

It is my wish that you will attract to you the Healing Tips or inspired actions that will guide you in your journey of transformation. Keep in mind that these are tips that feel good to me and that I feel are life enhancing when taken in moderation. Your greatest resource is always inside of you, so always follow what feels good to you until a solution arises within you. Remember not to escape your problems through this feeling good, but use these tools to come back to a more relaxed, calm you so you can then focus your attention on the solution. All solutions lie within and you have the power to access them. I’ve grown to appreciate these healing methods as my ways of revealing that which is most beneficial for me to act upon, move toward or embrace in my journey. The bottom line is that life is a journey to be explored, so have fun exploring these tips and listen to your guidance in all that you embark upon and experience.

Article 6: 100 Healing Tips for Personal Transformation and Upliftment

26. Let Go of Perfectionism
Perfectionism is something that I’ve struggled with in my journey and like all other things in this Universe, it has a light side and a shadow side. I still pull into it sometimes but nobody is perfect, right? Or are we? In the shadow presentation of perfectionism, there is a relentless pursuit to seek a standard that always seems to be just outside your reach. It haunts you and bates you to push yourself to “get it right”. You even hold people to this false standard of being that limits the perfection within them and within you. It typically stems from the inability to see, feel and experience God’s Perfect Love and to trust that it exists in every person, experience and thing in this Universe. Our Spirit is perfect, whole and complete. This Universe and beyond, is perfect, whole and complete. We are The Divine in form and no matter what we feel or experience, it is the perfect expression of this Now. It is whole unto itself. God’s Love does not judge or limit anyone or anything. It simply IS.

The shadow side of perfectionism, in my opinion, stems from a need to control outcomes with such precision that it can not be judged by others. When you fear judgement from others or have a need “to get it right”, underlying this is a fear of failure. Basically you are simply acting from a false belief that you are unworthy, and maybe even unloved, as the person you truly ARE. The real truth is that you are SO LOVED even with all your “perceived” failures, mistakes, blunders and imperfections. I know in my own journey that I felt I had to prove myself to my father. It seemed many times that I was never good enough for him. If I got a 99.5 on test he asked me why I didn’t get a 100. All I wanted was to be recognized, celebrated and loved unconditionally. Of course, I was too young to realize that this was his own inability to feel love and to recognize the joy of being human. To truly let go of the shadow side of perfectionism, is to surrender to the Love that is within you and to accept yourself 100%. One thing that can help you to let go of perfectionism is to realize where this belief of your imperfection came from. Go into your heart and ask yourself, “What does my inner perfectionist need to feel safe in this world?”. “What is she/he really striving for?”.

Know this…the Infinite Love that we are made of runs through us everyday of our lives. Without it we would cease to be in form. We can never be separate from it. This Love is perfect. It is what we quest for but we will never find it outside ourselves especially when viewing the world with false eyes. Let this be your new mantra: All is perfect, whole and complete in every Now!

27. See the Good in All Your Perceived Failures
This one kind of goes hand and hand with letting go of perfectionism. Somewhere along the way we were taught to measure ourselves against perceived standards for living or of success. Only you can be the witness of your success and release the false barometers of inner and outer wealth. True success in anything starts in the heart. In any worthy endeavor that is new to you there will be a learning curve. If you approach it with a full heart, then any bump in the road won’t stop you from moving forward. These bumps are just the Universe asking you “Are you fully ready to take this on?”, “Is this truly what you desire?” or “Are there other resources you need to be successful?” etc.

If you presence this misstep on your road to outer success and see it as a teacher from the Universe, then you can move into a space of non-judgement and observe the perceived failure as a means to fulfill your destiny. It’s like the Universe saying to you “And what else do you want or need to accomplish this?”. It takes some practice and I’m still working with this myself but it certainly is a higher vantage point then seeing yourself incapable of fulfilling the task or dream. Remember the example I gave you in a previous article about learning to ride a bike for the first time. Fulfilling new dreams can be like this as well. As you get back up on the bike, with loving support from the Universe, your Higher Self or God, in time you will access the full awareness of the inner resources for success in any endeavor. Acceptance of what IS, is key to allowing the solution to arise within you. Bottom line…failure is obsolete when your heart is full and you see only the good that comes from all stumbles on the road to success.

28. Trust in the Universe (God, Creator, Your Higher Power etc) to Fulfill Your Dreams
Whether you put your trust in God, your Higher Power, the Universe or your self, it’s all the same. All of your creative potential lies within you. God, the Universe, your Higher Power all lie within you. You are a Creator Being here on Earth to access your creative potential so you can experience the fullness of life in form. Without the trust in your own creative potential, life will seem hard and arduous. When you know with every fiber of your being, that you can truly have all that you desire, then the Universe will open the doors to the pathway to receive it.

Now I have seen some of my wants and desires be fulfilled in very short periods of time. Some of them you could even describe as instantaneous healing. There are others however, that took a great deal longer to fulfill. When I look back on these times, I had lost trust in myself which really is losing trust in the Universe or God to fulfill my dreams. All the seeds to fulfillment of our wants and desires lie within us. We are never separate from the inspiration that will guide us. We are just not allowing it to come in because our focus is on our lack of fulfillment rather than our vision. Your Spirit will guide you toward the next step when you let go of the inner critic that never trusts.

In order to receive anything from this Universe, you must be a vibrational match for it. So check in with your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Are they focused on the good that is arising from your inspired steps?

Are you visualizing and feeling into your dream on a regular basis?

Are you quieting your mind and asking for guidance?

Are you releasing your lack of trust and inner criticism by going inward and seeing which part of you doesn’t trust yourself, others or the Universe?

Alignment to your Source Self is key to life enrichment. So when you feel a lack of trust, you know you’re not in alignment with your Spirit. Do the inner work to release the lack of trust and refocus your will toward your vision.

29. Form a Habit of Looking for the Good in All Things
There is an Eternal Pessimist and an Eternal Optimist that lies within all of us. Neither is good or bad but rather neutral expressions of our alignment with our creative potential. I know it’s hard to believe that they are neutral expressions when one outlook doesn’t feel good and the other does. But what I mean by this is that our emotional standpoints are universal teachers that guide us back into rhythm with the Universe and back into alignment with our Spirit. Spirit doesn’t judge our emotional standpoints but gently guides us through them. Let’s face it, no one wants to really feel bad. We all want to feel good. Forming a habit of looking for the good in all things, is practicing the embodiment of the Eternal Optimist. It’s practicing your Inner Yes! This doesn’t mean to be in denial of what IS and simply put a smiley face on it. It means that you realize there is a win/win solution and you’re willing to see the good in what you’re experiencing and move on.

The way that I practice looking for the good in all things, is to start and end my day with reaching for thoughts that feel good to me. I see the good in my husband, the good in my job, the good in my journey, the good in my health etc. If you do this often enough, it will become a habit to look for the good in your life. The great thing about this practice is that by Law of Attraction (like vibration attracts like vibration), as you consistently show up doing this, you’ll attract more and more good things to think about. It can be quite gratifying to move yourself up the scale of emotional well-being this way. It really can turn your life around and make it a mirror for more good things to be reflected back to you.

30. Pray to Your Higher Power
The power of prayer has been seen to uplift humanity in many ways. My husband and I are seeing more and more movies that are uplifting and centered around the power of prayer and faith. These are movies about everyday miracles. Of course, it’s been my desire to watch more inspiring movies not only for myself but also movies I could share with my family. So thank you Universe for replying! Praying is a time to intimately connect with your Higher Power, with God, The Creator or whomever you choose to pray to. In my philosophy, we are all a part of the God Consciousness and praying is an act of surrender to the Love that is within you and around you. This guiding, Eternal Infinite Love always wants to uplift us out of our struggles and prayer is one way to open up to this internal guidance. With faith, comes Love. One must first have the faith in order to open the doorway to Infinite Love and Divine Will. Faith is one of those vibrations that is high on the emotional scale so I tend to stay there most of the time.

There was a time when I wasn’t sure if God existed or what God was. This was shortly after my mother died from cancer that I stated my questioning of the existence of God. It was shortly after this that a book fell into my hands called Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra and then The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield after that. I knew after reading these books that the Source of All Infinite Intelligence was answering my questions. My faith was restored and it sent me on a quest for knowing the Eternal Nature of the Soul and this Universe.

Since then, I’ve witnessed faith healing even in my own healing sessions. I had one client that arrived at my door with painful kidney stones. I had faith that the Creator of All Light could take this pain away or at least reduce it for her. She however had a fervent belief in God and in miracles. In fact, it was a part of her culture growing up. After an hour on the healing table, she arose with no pain at all. The kidney stones disappeared! They never passed and she was pain free from then on. All I did was hold the space for her to allow the miracle to happen. To allow the Source Energy inside her to transform her pain. Whether you want to call it praying or holding a vision for a positive outcome, it doesn’t matter. The energy is the same. As long as you believe it’s possible then the window in time and space can open up for you to receive it. This is my belief and I’m sticking to it!

Well, that’s all for this week. Check in next week for 5 more Healing Tips! As always I welcome your feedback and look forward to your comments. If you need any assistance in your healing and spiritual awakening journey, please feel free to contact me for a private session or check out some of my online products and other events on my website www.HeartTransformations.com.

With Love and Gratitude,
Marie A. Georgopulos