29 10, 2015

Meditative Moments…Love Potions From Our Soul

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While sitting outside one morning I had an idea that these meditative moments are like Love Potions From Our Soul. It inspired me to jot down an idea for a book with the same title and a poem which is below. I look forward to sharing this book with you in the future. It's so important in these busy days that we take these moments for our self. For they are truly times when our Soul can reach us with inspiration and healing. These meditative times of hypnotizing our minds with nature, art, music, tea or whatever it may be for you, open a portal to higher expressions of our Wisdom. It's like a mind meld that weaves a Circle of Love through every cell of our bodies. I have found in my journey that these times come more frequently as I allow them to. But I truly feel that this "allowing" state of being comes from a consistency in "intentful" meditation. I always meditate with the primary intent to restore and allow my well-being, to blend with my Source Being and to continue to open the passage way to Higher Expressions of my Source Self. Some days I will add other [...]

1 10, 2015

Incredible Angel Experience…You Can Have Them Too!

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A couple of days ago I had the most amazing Angel experience with one of my clients. I actually was able to SEE what her Angel looked like and the amazing thing was that she was seeing the exact same thing that I was! Now to some of you this may be second nature due to your gifts of clairvoyance, but I rarely see clairvoyantly. My gifts are more aligned with clear knowing (claircognizance) and clear sensing (clairsentience) with some clairaudience here and there. Occasionally I will see blue light energy and white sparkles that always present to my left. This I know now to be my Soul Family Guides who are teachers and sound healers. But today was something else entirely and I had to share the full experience with you so each of you could know just how possible it is to have these experiences. We were in our session and my client was wanting to get to know her Angels and Guides. So I KNEW that one of her Angels was stepping forward. Later I knew that this was her Guardian Angel. I asked my client to go inward and to just breath in and out of [...]

10 07, 2015

Your Soul is Calling You to…

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Your Soul is always calling you to ever expanding versions of yourself that you have desired throughout all your lifetimes. We come here to know ourselves more completely as human and Divine. To know how to create and manifest but also how to LIVE and how to GIVE and be GIVEN TO. Your Soul is always calling you to that which you most desire even if you aren't aware of what you desire. How does one uncover what they truly desire? I feel that it's by the struggles that we encounter, by way of the people we admire and the things that touch our heart deeply. We are so caught up in "getting there" as a planet sometimes that we forget to enjoy the simplicity of the gift of our vibes. When something is off inside, ask it to leave, forgive it, accept it and/or love it. Or, simply BE with it in reverence of its gift to you. And what is that gift? The gift is the context by which you can see your Divinity more fully. Your Soul is always calling you to lighter and lighter expressions of yourself and to the path of freedom and joy. At [...]

11 06, 2015

Heart Maintenance

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Our heart center is the gateway between our lower self and our higher self. I've shared this before that the heart has neurons just like your brain and actually thinks. By focusing on the heart center, one can actually access inner wisdom. But what happens when something is weighing heavily on our hearts? Well we might be feeling sad, intolerant, angry or any other negative feeling that you can experience. When we feel this way, it is always a product of how we feel about ourselves, what we think and what we've been conditioned to believe about ourselves. These negative beliefs, thoughts and behaviors can cause our heart chakra (an energy center at the center of the chest) to be out of balance along with our other chakras as well. When we come into alignment with our heart, the heart can lead us in a way that will restore balance to our lives, and of course, our energy as well. Today I will offer you some Heart Maintenance Practices that will assist you in awakening to more heart empowerment in your journey. For a journey guided through an empowered heart, is a journey of fulfillment and delight. #1 Set Your Intention [...]

29 05, 2015

Nothing is Impossible…Fortune Cookie Wisdom

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Every time I go to a Chinese restaurant I always love using my inner guidance to pick the fortune cookie that is meant to most inspire me in this day. At Pei Wei there is a huge bowl to pick from so I especially like this. I simply place the intent and then allow my hand or eyes to move to the fortune cookie that is meant for me. It's a sort of kinesthetic response that I've trained myself to be aware of. Yesterday I happened to be drawn to two cookies and after reading them, I felt inspired to share this article and some expanded wisdom that came from them. The first cookie that I opened contained this wisdom: "The problems of today will soon be buried by the sands of time" We've all heard a version of this in our life from time to time such as, "time heals all wounds" and "leave the past behind you". It's true that "time does heal all wounds" as that is the nature of Being. Just like a cut on our hand, if we just give it a little care and then leave it alone, in time it will heal. This is [...]

14 05, 2015

Healing Your Inner Slave

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In my healing journey and work as Divine Messenger, I've experienced an understanding about a consciousness in the human psyche that I will call the Inner Slave. To me, it's a part of the Inner Victim archetype that plays out in the mass consciousness within individuals. We all have the Inner Victim archetype but for some it's operating in its shadow aspect rather than its enlightened aspect. I've written and spoken about archetypes before and shared that they are "patterns of being" that exist in human consciousness that are here to guide and teach us as well as to aid us in shaping our reality and knowing who we truly are. The Inner Slave is unique just like all the other archetypes, and like all the other archetypes, it is neither good or bad but simply a brilliant way for us to become more self aware and to empower through dominion over our lower self or ego self. As I eluded to earlier, each archetype has its shadow and light side as is with all things in the Earth Plane. I actually do see them as brilliant reflections of the Divine Aspect of God incarnate as they are a part of [...]

3 05, 2015

The Power of Our Hearts to Heal All Things

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The following article is taken from a previous article that I wrote called The New Era of Healing almost a year ago. I’ve edited it down and added some new clarification and find that it all still applies now. My greatest wish is that it will reach all those that are wanting this wisdom at this time. As always, I have an open door policy for discussion and reflection so feel free to comment on the article. We are entering a very sacred time of evolution as a planet and as a species. We are being infused with Divine energy at many levels of our Being and many of us are feeling the clarion call to step into authenticity by breaking free of old paradigms, beliefs systems, structures, ways of doing things and thought process so a more evolved presence can be embodied. Really as I see it, it’s not even a “breaking free” space but more a space of deep knowing that we begin to remember. We are all here as Souls for the same purpose of mastering the creative process, the power of now and of knowing without a shadow of doubt that we are Children of God, [...]

23 03, 2015

Are Your Emotions Your Ally or Your Foe?

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Today I listened to Deepok Chopra talk about the quality of emotions that it takes to succeed in life. Of course the success that Deepok speaks about and models to us is not just material success but goes into the heart of our Being. I believe, as Deepok does, that TRUE success begins in the heart. It's a deep connection with our Spirit and the dimensions of our Being. It's knowing clearly who you are and what you came here to Do, Be and Have. It's about opening to dimensions of speaking one's truth and wisdom that is beyond being human yet ever so beautifully Human. Deepok asked the question "Are your emotions your ally?' This is a brilliant question because the meaning of the word ally is "to combine or unite resources for mutual benefit". Your emotions are a part of your Guidance System and it is a way that your Soul speaks to you for the mutual benefit of your whole self. Negative emotions, or emotions that have less Lightness of Being associated with them, are here to teach us to surrender to that which is calling us to the Light. They tell us that what we are [...]

21 01, 2015

God Asked Me…”What are you willing to sacrifice to have your dream?”

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Some of you have heard me share this spiritual  experience I had before but I'm going to expand upon here today.  A couple of years ago I attended a seminar to learn how to build a business. I was drawn to this particular woman and her vibe. She was determined, fierce and well spoken. I was drawn to her charisma and decided to take the leap of faith and see what she could teach me. As I sat in this huge audience of over 600 people and listened to her talk about how "business is hard" and that "you have to be willing to sacrifice in order to succeed", something struck me as "untrue" about these statements, at least for me. What she was espousing truly wasn't congruent with my belief system that "life is meant to be easy" and "that work is NOT suppose to be hard or arduous".  I believe that life is a reflection of what you feel, think and do. Life is what you make it. What's hard is how you respond to nature and the law of physics. It's not our nature to be unhappy and to "sacrifice" in an arduous way. So back to [...]

5 01, 2015

Need a Little Courage…Call on the Zamperini in You

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Do you need a little courage in your life right now? If so, I highly recommend that you go to see the movie or read the book Unbroken. If you like to be inspired as I do, it will be one of your all time favorites. There were many elements of the movie that touched my heart from deep friendship, brotherly love, perseverance, hope, true mentorship, faith, forgiveness and of course, courage. It truly walked you through a hero's journey as well as the journey of the victim, wounded soldier, villain and the enlightened martyr. But what capture me most was the courage that it took Louis Zamperini to persevere and triumph.  Louis was an Olympic long distance runner back in the 1940's who broke world records. He was bullied by people in the community for being Italian and because of this he decided to rebel. He felt worthless inside until his brother saw inside him a gift to run. His brother transferred to him the belief that he could triumph over what others thought of him and what he thought of himself and use his gift to run to make something of himself. Louis didn't believe this, but like [...]