For Transcending Blocks to Spiritual Awakening, Well-Being and Wholeness

With Certified RTT™ Practitioner

Marie A. Georgopulos

It’s a time on Earth right now for great awakening and the remembering of our Divinity. If you are struggling with embracing your intrinsic worth, love for self, compassion, inner guidance, purpose and joy in life here on Earth, then you’re not alone.

We all need help sometimes in awakening to the beauty and grandeur of Who We Truly Are. Our Higher Self, the non-physical Essence that is a part of All That Is, is ever present within us and wants us to be happy, alive and embracing all that we came here to BE. Our Higher Self and All That Is want us to create and live our heart’s desires with as much grace and ease as possible.

But sometimes, our life experiences, traumas, trials and tribulations keep us in unconscious behavioral responses that leave us locked in a loop of non-growth and stagnation–or at least it feels this way.

I know in my heart, that we are meant to love deeply, dream big and live as wise masters of our destiny. We are meant to delight in life and to see the good in All Things.

But often times we need a little help in accessing the greater awareness that lies within us.

The awareness that transcends the veil of illusion and assists us in giving new meaning to our negative life experiences and struggles here on Earth.

You are not alone. KNOW THIS! Your Soul is calling you home…

…and RAPID TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY™ is one way to quickly transform your life so that you are back on your path of freedom, love, purpose, joy and so much more.





Rapid Transformational Therapy™ is a unique process that has helped people all over the world OVERCOME CHALLENGING, STUBBORN ISSUES IN AS LITTLE AS 1 TO 3 SESSIONS!

RTT™ was developed by Marisa Peer from over 30 years of practice as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. RTT™ uses the positive aspects of hypnotherapy, regression therapy and hypnotic conditioning coupled with a unique process to uncover the role, purpose, function and intent of any issue in any lifetime.

THE CURE OR SOLUTION TO EVERY LIFE ISSUE CAN BE ACCESSED WITHIN YOU and RTT™ is a method that can easily assist you in accessing this wisdom.

Basically, RTT™ is a thorough and unique process that assists you in CHANGING THE MEANING AND INTERPRETATION OF NEGATIVE “SCENES IN THE MIND” OR MEMORY IMPRINTS. These memory imprints are born from experiences in this lifetime or others that create behavioral responses that can be negative, dysfunctional or cause illness in the body. RTT can also assist you in accessing positive memory imprints, and I believe that this is a way of helping you to remember and reinforce just how Divine You Truly Are.

Ultimately, RTT™ works by UNVEILING THE TRUTH WITHIN ONESELF and transforming the inner conversations that happen at the unconscious and subconscious levels to positive ones.

Time and time again, patients have discovered that once they know “The Big Why” or meaning surrounding their issue, they are LIBERATED FROM THE NEGATIVE PROGRAMMING ATTACHED TO THE ISSUE.

More About Rapid Transformational Therapy…

RTT™ includes REGRESSION THERAPY AND OTHER PROCESSES that work together with hypnosis so that you can integrate the “gold nuggets” or value of your experiences in any lifetime thus bringing resolution within your psyche. This is achieved through the Role, Purpose, Function and Intent Process, Upgrading the Child and other processes that are unique to RTT. I believe that through these processes, the individual accesses and integrates more of their intrinsic self worth and self love.  This, coupled with the understanding that is revealed, brings about a feeling of more completion so you are free to be the next brilliant version of yourself.

RTT™ also includes HYPNOTIC CONDITIONING THAT IS TAILOR MADE based upon the information gathered prior to the session, during the session and intuitively given to me so that you can be imprinted with the NEW VISION OF YOURSELF.

A Vision That is…

FREE from dysfunction
FREE from unhealthy habits
FREE from illness
FREE from sabotaging beliefs
FREE from negative behavioral responses
FREE from the inner critic and lack mentality
FREE from the debilitating meanings your psyche placed on events in any lifetime


To me, RTT™ assists in the process of SOUL INTEGRATION because it helps you to restore the most basic gifts of Source that were masked at birth, or during your experiences in any life time. This restoration further assists you in evolving as a person of Light and Love in this dimension. It helps you to move beyond the limiting patterns and destructive tendencies that bind you in cycles of illusion.

With each Rapid Transformational Session you are literally REWIRING YOUR BRAIN!

It’s neuroplasticity at it’s best! The hypnotic conditioning coupled with the other processes within RTT™ actually assists your brain in building new neural pathways for positive responses to old emotional triggers! Basically, you are training your brain to respond in more empowered, enlightened ways. Ways that allow you to feel more secure, more conscious and loving of self. If this is what you desire.

Also, as part of your RTT™ session, you will receive a RECORDING OF THE HYPNOTIC RECONDITIONING that you will use for 21 days, or as often as you feel guided, that further assists you in the reconditioning of the subconscious mind.

The recording is brilliant because it’s basically REINFORCING THE NEW MEANING BEHIND YOUR ISSUE that was brought to Light through the parts of yourself and your Divine Consciousness. PLUS it includes the NEW VISION OF YOURSELF THAT YOU WANT TO EMBRACE FOR THIS JOURNEY.

This means that each time you listen to the recording YOU ARE IMAGINING A NEW YOU INTO EXISTENCE. You are “re-membering” a truer expression of yourself!

Retrieving 3 or more memory imprints

RTT™ allows time to regress an individual back to at least 3 poignant memory imprints (sometimes more if time permits and I am guided to retrieve more). Usually lifetime issues or chronic issues have more than 1 memory imprint associated with them that tie together. Often times the surface memory imprint cues the practitioner in on a deeper issue to address that operates behind the scenes.

Retrieving more than 1 memory imprint assists in bringing forward a fuller picture of the event horizon that triggers the behavioral responses or struggle in your life. Where it all started is important to reveal because it liberates you from the beliefs surrounding the event at its causation so that it no longer has a negative effect on you.

Role, Purpose, Function and Intent–Accessing the Big Why

The Role-Purpose-Function-Intent Process is designed to assist you in accessing the hidden meaning behind the memory imprints or scenes in the mind that keep you stuck in negative patterns of behavior or emotional responses. Once the psyche is able to discern through the benefits or gifts within a particular life experiences, the feelings behind the scenes are replaced with a feeling of understanding thus liberating the psyche and freeing it to create something new and better.

Various Processes that Assist Parts of Self to be Whole, Free and Healed

There are many processes within an RTT™ session that assist parts of the self that were created to keep you safe. These parts of the self are referred to as aspects of self, or what I call subpersonalities or soul fragments. The processes within RTT help these parts of you to express all that they were unable to at the time the trauma or hurt occurred, whether in this lifetime or another. This helps the parts of self that were stuck (like the inner child) to feel safe and free to express in more positive ways.

The focus within RTT is not to relive the pain but to observe it through loving eyes so that the internal struggle can be resolved in purposeful and I feel, Divinely healing ways. These processes can assist the psyche in resolving the loss of innocence, power, love for self, etc that was felt at the time of the event. Often times this provides a space for the individual to fully forgive others and self which is liberating and cleansing to the Soul and the psyche.

Command Cell Therapy and the Healing Vortex

Command Cell Therapy and the Healing Vortex is used for any health issues of any kind. Both help the mind and the body to work as one toward the common goal of vibrant health and resolution to the health issue. Through hypnotic conditioning, the body is commanded on a molecular level and even down to the DNA to heal. Where the mind flows, the body follows. What you feed the body in words, affirmations, commands and light effects the body’s ability to heal. Positive words and feelings will always assist the body in healing in the fastest way possible. The Healing Vortex is Healing Light that is brought forth through the body to assist it in cleansing the negative vibrations away.

The Unique Layering of These Processes

While some of these processes may be similar to other types of therapies, it is the unique layering of these processes that cause the greatest shifts to occur. Not all processes are used in every session. As an intuitive, I will do my best to choose the RTT processes that best enhance your healing and transformation in the most graceful way.

Tailor-Made Hypnotic Conditioning and Recording

As mentioned above, as an RTT™ practitioner, I am trained to take notes prior and during the session so that I can create a tailor made hypnosis recording for you to listen to at home after the session. It will contain all the key points discovered during the session that assist you in overcoming your issue and integrating the new you. I include key phrases that you revealed during the session, along with the vision of the new you that was expressed prior to the session in your recording. You then listen to this recording for at least 21 days to further seed into the subconscious mind the inspiration received during the session, the new mindsets, behavioral responses and positive images you want to embrace moving forward in your journey.


What if I feel I can’t be hypnotized?

Some people feel that they can not be hypnotized. The truth is that going into a hypnotic state is fairly easy and is just a state of deep relaxation. You are in hypnosis when you brain enters into alpha state or the state that your brain goes into just before you are ready to go to sleep. Sometimes people will go into this state when they are reading, watching television, gazing at stars, sitting in nature etc. When you are in a state of deep relaxation you are in a state of heightened receptivity and become highly suggestible. I had a client come in one time who said she was never able to go into hypnosis with her former therapist and she actually went into hypnosis really fast and very deeply! This allowed me to regress her into past life memory imprints that were very detailed with little effort. Basically anyone can go into a relaxed state of being especially when you are open and receptive to it.

What happens if I don’t go into a hypnotic state?

This happens very rarely but if I am noticing that you are having difficulty relaxing, I simply take some more time with you to assist you in relaxing. If you are open to it, I also have relaxing music playing and essential oils to assist in the relaxation process. Essential oils that are medicinal quality will hit the brain very quickly and have a positive effect on the nervous system. I am also trained to use a technique that puts the brain into alpha state very quickly. Furthermore I’ll test you to make sure that you are receiving simple suggestions prior to entering into the regression portion.

What if I have a fear of being hypnotized?

If you have a fear of being hypnotized, but you are very drawn to this process, I recommend that you contact me for a complimentary consult so we can discuss you fears. In this consult I will talk to you about hypnosis, share some experiences that others have had and assist you in possibly overcoming your fears. I may also suggest other processes to you that you may be more comfortable with.

However, know that hypnosis is totally safe. You are in control of the session and can stop the session at any time. Be assured that you are in Divine Care during this whole process and you are surrounded by Infinite Love and Compassion. Also, some people fear the re-experiencing of a trauma. If this is true for you, then I will suggest to you during the process to simply view the experience as an observer viewing a play. You do not have to re-experience the emotions of a traumatic event. Although there may still be emotional release, this is a cleansing of the stagnant energy and serves a higher purpose to assist you. Think of it as being similar to releasing stale air out of your lungs or congestion out of your sinuses. Unlike the original emotions, these emotions are rejuvenating.

If you still have concerns after reading this and chatting with me personally, I may recommend that you start with a tailor-made hypnosis recording for a couple of weeks and then come and have the session with me.

What if I can’t retrieve any memory imprints?

Everything is perfect that you experience. Sometimes there are no memory imprints to retrieve. However, if you are having difficulty with this, I will assist you in going deeper into hypnosis and/or use some of the other processes within RTT that are very effective in and of themselves. There can only be positive benefits from any session because you are allowing struggling parts of your self to be loved and to gift you with their value to you in this life. There are many studies that have proven the effectiveness of hypnosis alone to aid individuals in resolving stubborn issues.

What kind of results can I expect with RTT™?

Let me start by saying that you always get what you expect. Expect miracles from the Divine Within You and they will occur, or release all expectation and allow the higher good to unfold. With this said, Marisa Peer (the creator of this process) is world renowned for assisting people in as little as 1-3 sessions with most issues. I have certainly seen issues resolved in 1 session as well, and my clients have had continued success with the recordings. I have learned however, that results can either be immediate, cumulative (over the course of consecutive sessions) or retroactive (the results are recognized out of the blue after a period of time passes). But know this, if your heart is into resolving something, then it will give you the how. You just have to show up and allow your heart to guide you. That’s the brilliance of this transformational process. It allows you to go deep within yourself, where all solutions lie, to transform the issue at its core and resolve it completely. Of course, in my opinion, no practitioner can guarantee results but I do know that the power of belief in your Inner Genius to assist you can and has worked miracles with many of my clients. You have the power to re-create yourself anew through the power of your mind and RTT is a beautiful modality that can assist you in doing this.

Can you describe a typical RTT™ session?

An RTT™ session is typically 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours long. I always have my first time clients block off 2 hours of their time. A typical session includes going over your intake form and gathering some key pieces of information for your session, followed by…

• The Induction portion or the relaxation portion of the session that takes you into a hypnotic state
• The Regression portion where I assist you in accessing 3 or more pertinent memory imprints surrounding your issue
• The utilization of other pertinent processes within RTT™ which is part of the regression portion at times
• The Role, Purpose, Function and Intent Process–Discovering the “Big Why”
• The hypnotic conditioning portion to rewire the subconscious mind–this is also the portion that includes your tailor made recording

As mentioned above, you will receive a tailor made hypnosis recording that you will listen to at home for 21 days to further condition your subconscious mind to accept the new imprints and images that you want to embody.

I meet clients in my home in Mckinney TX or via Video Conferencing online. I do have to see you in order to do the session with you.

If you want to learn more about RTT or Marisa Peer CLICK HERE.


Marie’s approach is as unique and special as she is. I have always known Marie to be a highly intuitive and gifted healer, but I believe her new approach amplifies, if that is possible, her powerful natural gifts. Since our session I have noticed how much frustration, hurt, and anger I have been releasing. In fact, Marie’s technique helped me realize just how much of these negative emotions from my past I had been holding onto. Further, I have become aware that these negative emotions are being replaced by love and even gratitude. This is such a huge change from the sadness and hurt I was sometimes feeling. As an energy healer myself, I can honestly say that Marie’s sessions are truly remarkable and effective.

I believe an important part of the effectiveness is the session recording which Marie provides. Listening to it daily has allowed me to go deeper into the issues addressed in the session and has sped up my release of those unwanted emotions. I feel confident that because of Marie’s gentle and loving approach, I will be able to move past my current challenge with much more ease and grace. Thank you, Marie for the love and healing you continue to bring into this world.
C.R. Plano, Texas

Marie’s expertise, intuition, positive-assertive attitude, and compassion all lend to her ability to help you heal on such a deep level. More recently, she helped me cope with the loss of my father. After one of our sessions, the guilt that consumed me for nearly a year no longer existed, and for the first time, I was capable of reflecting on memories with a smile or laugh. Aside from no longer being consumed with guilt, many elements of my life have or continue to shift since I started working with Marie. I’m evolving into a more confident and less anxiety ridden person, all the while shedding the people pleaser exterior I once donned like a suit of honor. I will never entirely be able to convey my appreciation for Marie, but I know I’ll be forever grateful to have crossed paths with her. Her influence has been such a substantial part of the positive changes in my life.

S.Y. Westerville, OH

My Rapid Transformational Therapy™ session with Marie Georgopulos redefined my emotional and energetic states in a wonderfully healing way. I am amazed with how quickly Marie helped me to target my issues, then help them to resolve and transform into a useful, healthy, loving state of being. Immediately following our session, wonderful coincidences started happening with rapid succession. Joyous abundance has greater flow towards and within my being. I listen to the recording of our session almost every day. It is soothing and uplifting as well as a welcome reminder to value myself.

All Love, Bonita W.

My Rapid Transformational Therapy™ session with Marie was life-changing with what had been a life-long dysfunctional relationship with my sister. As soon as the session began, her soothing voice and loving heart completely enveloped me and touched my soul. She guided me on an inward journey where I aligned myself with who I am and want to be, so I could be that being who loves myself, and recognizes that I am loved even by those with whom I had dysfunctional relationships. With RTT™, my negative response to memories of our past relationship has changed, and my sister and I are now creating wonderful new memories. It is with love and gratitude that I thank Marie for helping me to remember how to relax into the flow of the dance of love with my sister.

Sandi N., TX

Working with Marie was such a blessing in my life. I have suffered from depression since I was a teenager and I’m 53 years old now. I never understood why I was so depressed. I wasn’t abused, I have great kids and I have a good life. Through this process I was able to access past lives of where I felt victimized, abandoned, hopeless and even committed suicide. During my session I felt these parts of me meld with me energetically so I could release the feelings of loss from these past lives forever. The next day I didn’t feel as burdened with heavy thoughts. I felt more loving of myself. This is amazing as I was at a point where I didn’t want to be here anymore. The next morning after the session I felt tremendous relief and I also experienced better sleep patterns. I am very grateful to have worked with Marie and want to continue to work on releasing negative patterns in my life.

Phyllis F., TX

We all need a hand up in our spiritual evolution from time to time. Whether you feel you have things to heal or just want to be on the path to embracing a more Enlightened, Awakened You…it’s never to late.

Rapid Transformational Therapy™ is one way to assist you in transcending your blocks to Who You Truly Are at a Core.

If you’re ready to Return to Wholeness and live a more fulfilling life, then book your session now!

Private 2 Hour Session: $375

A Package of 3 Sessions: $797

A Package of 3 Sessions – 3 Easy Monthly Payments of $297

You can use these three sessions to resolve 1 issue or you may use the sessions for different issues. All I ask is that you use them all within 6 months of the time of purchase unless we make arrangements otherwise personally.

After paying for your session, please return to this page to Schedule Your Session using the links below.

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If you have any further questions about RTT or issues with booking your appointment, feel free to contact me.

I look forward to working with you!

Love and Gratitude,

Marie A. Georgopulos