What Marie’s Clients Experienced

My experience with Marie was very insightful and supportive stepping in to my own self-empowerment. I was feeling stuck around my career and money – just kept banging my head against wall after wall. Awareness and a sense of my own creativity was sparked to move forward. I look forward to continued work with Marie.
Many blessings, Marie

~Sabrina Hamilton

In working with Marie I gained so many insights that are finally helping me to heal things that I have been processing and working through for years! The energy healing, channeled messages and past life input really allowed me to integrate a great deal of critical information very quickly. She was so accurate (as usual!) that as she was relaying the messages to me, it was like I always knew everything she was saying. Marie really helped me to change my entire perspective on the world and my experience in it! I thank her so much for her professionalism and her sincere desire to help and to heal. I feel so lucky to have found Marie! With gratitude

~ Anne K.

Something changed after our conversation. I can’t put my finger on it, but there was change.
I have used the guided meditation you posted on your website 2 times now. Sunday morning’s meditation was very profound. It was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had. I asked my spirit to tell me what my purpose in this world is and it answered. I had to experience the darkness to understand the power of light. My heart just wanted to go about it’s work in the best way possible. I don’t have all the answers, but I feel like I am moving closer on my path. I am more comfortable with some of the ideas we discussed…

~A. S.

My session with Marie was a healing and enlightening experience. The information, insight, and energy she provided worked to align me throughout our conversation. Her intuition and guidance was clear and precise. She challenged my comfort level and pinpointed what was holding me back from my true calling. I appreciate her love and sincerity and for holding up a mirror so that I could have a heart-to-heart talk with my Soul. It was definitely life changing. Marie, thank you so much for seeing what I couldn’t!

~ Tracye Eppler

Marie is a very heart-centered and divine healer. It’s amazing how she went straight to the heart of my issues, presenting them in a way that rang true deep within me. Beyond this, she gave me clear, concise methods for change, the change I’ve been longing for. Thank you, Marie.

~Zedrouh Reich ~ www.womanofthelight.com

After working with Marie, I found that I started to accept myself more. I am beginning to accept that I have these feelings for a reason and that is a big help to me. I have started to ask myself what it is that I want and not rely upon what others think or want for me. Since our session, I have felt closer to myself and definitely feel more self-aware. The same night following our session, I had a profound dream that I feel was guiding me. I feel that I am on the road to being a better me. Thank you for helping me to be myself.

~ Christopher S.

Holder of the Light
“Marie’s insights and intuitive gifts pointed me in the direction of some very important truths that Spirit knew I was ready to face, and take on. It’s as if she holds a flashlight, to help explore the darker truths that have had power for too long. Life has been great, but it’s time for even greater. I look forward to getting there with Marie’s support.”

~Lisa Carmen

(Marie took me on) a journey into our ever evolving Goddess within. This was an enlightening experience, gently delivered with Love and much wisdom. A time to reflect, heal and move forward. Such a resourceful, wonderful event.”

~Debra V

“Thank you for the transformational workshop. Appreciated the healing, teachings and meditations. It was a rich offering and loving experience. I know I experienced several shifts in the movement toward my own inner Goddess.”

~Julie T

Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned. It does make a difference. I’m so grateful for all I’ve learned from you. You really jump started my awakening with practical ideas to apply to a lifelong yearning.

~Vicki F

Genuinely Compassionate
“Marie is remarkably insightful, supportive and compassionate. She brought to light the exact areas of my experience that I had been ‘hiding from’ yet intuitively knew needed to be healed in order for me to progress with my goals. I experienced much healing in the discovery session alone. ”

~Emma G.